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volvo xc40 earns five-star rating at 2018 ncap tests

Volvo XC40 earns five-star rating at 2018 NCAP tests

Volvo’s popular XC40 takes one more prestigious award home thanks to its participation in the 2018 Euro NCAP tests. As always the vehicle earned the maximum five stars for safety features and joins its large siblings 60 and 90 series as one of the safest vehicles on the road today. 2018 Euro NCAP tests are conside

volvo reveals utility details for the new v60

Volvo reveals utility details for the new V60

The latest Volvo V60 mid-size estate is already available for order and features tons of goodies that are worth mentioning. This latest generation of 60 series is based on company’s Scalable Product Architecture platform and uses a special Drive-E engineс, designed and assembled by Volvo engineers. Furthermore, all trim levels ensure cutting-edge connectivity, entertainment and safety technologies. The entry-level, named Momentum comes with LED headlights, powered tailgate, two-zone climate control and 12.3-i

volvo takes further steps in terms of vehicle safety features

Volvo takes further steps in terms of vehicle safety features

Volvo Cars, the well-known Scandinavian vehicle manufacturer and the leader in truck making Volvo Trucks are incorporating a special system that shares real-time data to update the connected safety technology. This is a cloud-based system that would allow inner vehicle data gadgets to communicate with each other and alert drivers for upcoming road hazards. This is the first time that Volvo team is doing such a collaboration with another compan

volvo cars: here's one more reason to love 'em!

Volvo Cars: here's one more reason to love 'em!

Chances are that you already know that Volvo is known for making one of the safest vehicles in the world. Something more, the team has aimed to create the first vehicle that would be so safe that it would not let occupants receive any kind of damage during collision and unfortunate events. However, we are still waiting for the game changer. Meanwhile, brand’s usual suspect, XC90, has proved itself worthy in one more statistics - death. There has been not a single death in a car-to-car accident in the UK, accor

volvo team reveals the 2018 v60: it is sexy and advanced. we like it!

Volvo team reveals the 2018 V60: it is sexy and advanced. We like it!

Sweden’s pride, Volvo Cars, has finally revealed the latest V60 five-door mid-size premium wagon. Featuring the well-known SPA platform and top-notch engineer features, this one is surely a worthy Volvo family member. Fans and buyers would one more time relish a beautiful exterior design, mixed with premium and cozy cabin and of course, a refined drivetrain system. And as expected, this vehicle adopts manufacturer’s premium safety features

the most luxurious vehicle in china will be a volvo machine! here are more details!

The most luxurious vehicle in China will be a Volvo machine! Here are more details!

Volvo Cars, the pride of Sweden has just revealed the new lineup of premium vehicles. It is named S90 Excellence and it aims bot high-end customers and the most interesting part is that it would be also offered in China. Cool! In fact, this is by far the most premium car to hit the Chinese market and we are pretty sure it will be a massive success. Here’s why. The S90 Excellence features tons of goodies that will please future buyers:

going for a cross country journey? take a v90 with you!

Going for a Cross Country Journey? Take a V90 With You!

Volvo Cars has finally revealed the long-anticipated V90 Cross Country, which will complete the whole 90 Series lineup. As you might know, the first Cross Country was revealed twenty years ago and since then it became a sort of a symbol for the whole brand. So, what has changed two decades later? First of all, buyer

got an old volvo xc60? here’s three ways of improving its suspension

Got an old Volvo XC60? Here’s three ways of improving its suspension

Volvo began the production of the XC60 eight years ago. Ever since that starting point, the SUV still remains highly popular for the strength, durability and comfortability it offers. Bu the way, exactly this model has been awarded several times for being the “best-selling premium SUV in Europe", including in 2015. In June, Polestar Performance has offered an optimization for the new generation of Volvo XC60. It also made an improvement

volvo cars shows the dramatic epilogue of a well-said story. check it out!

Volvo Cars shows the dramatic epilogue of a well-said story. Check it out!

Sad, but true: Zlatan Ibrahimović says goodbye to the Swedish national football team in a special Volvo video. As football fans would tell you, Ibrahimović represented Sweden for 15 years as a captain to the team and has done much about country's sport achievements. Ibrahimović thanked his enormous fan base and said that he has played his last match in the yellow jersey. And of course, Volvo managed to capture the dramatic moment in a beaut

r-design lineup: volvo's challenge towards german manufacturers

R-Design Lineup: Volvo's challenge towards German manufacturers

Volvo unveils the performance-oriented R-Design models, based on the new S90 and V90 estate. What impresses is the sporty restyled chassis and the overall dynamic character. Of course, we do see these well-known style tweaks that refine Volvo as a noticeable brand: clean lines, expressive look and confident stance. Exterior design Coming with some sharper changes, the R-Design lineup proudly shows spoiler-integrated fog lights, distinctive gril

polestar cyan racing team showcases a neat exclusive upgrade to a special volvo model

Polestar Cyan Racing team showcases a neat exclusive upgrade to a special Volvo model

Polestar Cyan Racing unveiled the sweet Volvo S60 Polestar Art Car WTCC by Bernadotte & Kylberg. Especially created to be the star at the Volvo stands at Goodwood festival, the vehicle will also take part in the FIA World Touring Car Championship "Art Car Contest". Completed by Polestar Cyan Racing driver Prince Carl Philip and his colleague Oscar Kylberg, the design impresses with two things: aggressive sporty stance and clean sharp lines

there's always room for more polestar updates. at least for volvo's xc90

There's always room for more Polestar updates. At least for Volvo's XC90

Polestar Performance Optimisation releases new generation of Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine update, making the vehicle world's most powerful and cleanest SUV ever produced. So, what does it mean? It means that the vehicle now offers a rather high amount of power output: some sweet 421hp (314kW) and 680Nm of torque, which also means a short 5.5 seconds 0-100km/h sprint and somehow a wonderful 2.1liters per 100km fuel consumption. Cool, right? Thi