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Renault News

renault twingo is now geared with the edc gearbox

Renault's latest and greatest Efficient Dual Clutch transmission, the EDC was geared and introduced on the urban runaround Twingo. The well-known city vehicle will now include the popular TCe90 engine, along with the innovative gearbox. This means that customers will now have countless more benefits. The EDC is an automatic dual dry clutch gearbox that dispenses with the need for a clutch pedal. The gearshift control is now a part of the "P-R-N-D" type, in addition with "up/down" shift mode. The perfect gear is

renault updates the standard specifications for clio and capturrange

Renault has really big news for those wanting to buy a Clio or a Captur model. The company has just announced free of charge updates to the specifications of the Clio and Captur range. To go straight into the details, the DAB radio is now standard on those models fitted with either the MediaNav or R-Link infotainment systems. This basically means that except fort he entry level trims, all other levels will come with DAB as standard. DAB radio wi

dongfeng and renault to produce fluence z.e. inspired models for china

Dongfeng and Renault are planning the production of the first electric vehicle in China. This big news was announced on the occasion of the visit of ZHU Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Group, at the Renault R&D center. Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company (DRAC) proudly announced that as a result of the joint venture between the two companies, DRAC will produce an electric vehicle that is based on the Fluence Z.E. What is more, the electric v

renault clio iconic comes with passion and elegance

Based on the Intens equipment level, the latest Clio Iconic model comes with additional features for personalization that include even roof and door mirror housing decals. This same idea has been carried over the cabin where it is visible and on the air vents, door trims and carpet mats to finish that beautiful and coz

renault launches a limited run of the successful captur model

Recently, Renault Captur gained some incredible popularity in France that resulted on 44,000 exceeded units. This number demonstrates that this sweet SUV has 31 percent better benefits from market, compared to 2014. And with this success in mind, Renault team has further extended model's range in France with the addition of the limited edition Captur Hypnotic. This baby comes elegant vision, redesigned cabin with mixture of leather and Alantar

2016 renault megane and megane gt prepare us for the 2015 fiaa

With distinctive looks and well-calculated proportions, the 2016 Megane adopts brand's DNA and continues the nice car-nice price affair. And as a close relative to the Talisman, the Megane also includes a specific signature. For example, the vehicle comes with C-shaped headlamps, redesigned bumpers and increased width. And the additional chromed elements, along with the enhanced body lines really enhance the elegant, yet muscular stance of the ve

renault alaskan concept previews future production one-tonne pick-up [video]

Renault Alaskan Concept seems very similar to what we have seen in the past. Well, this feeling you have it’s a real thing, since it is almost similar to Renault Duster Oroch Pick-Up, which we have seen debuting at the 7th Buenos Aires International Motor Show in June. While Oroch is intended for the South American market, the ALASKAN Concept literally paves the way for a forthcoming global model. Of course, we must admit that the Alaskan C

2016 renault mégane renaultsport 275 cup-s and its offerings

Hot hatch fans now can enjoy the multi-award-winning, high-performance Megane Renaultsport which comes with the introduction of the 275 Cup-S. The vehicle not only bring some additional features but is also offered with more appealing price. But this is not all. The Renaultsport lineup also offers and the 275 Nav. This model replaces the 265 and adds 10 hp more. How cool is that? In fact, both of the Megane Renaultsport models are geared with

2016 renault talisman estate: are two talismans enough?

Renault has unveiled the Talisman Estate which will stand along the saloon version, revealed on 6 July. The fresh estate vehicle will deliver the same nice technologies and gadgets like the its saloon brother, but will also have some extra load-carrying abilities. And while bringing all the benefits of the saloon ve

mercedes, lamborghini, mazda and other beauties: this week's overview

So, we are at the end of the week and it is time to review one more time what happened in the motorsport world. Or at least remind you the interesting news. There were numerous interesting events, some refreshed car modes and some disappointments. But let's forget about the stupid ideas and focus on the interesting ones. 2017 Lamborghini Aventador SuperveVeloce Roadster Stunningly beautiful and dangerously powerful, the latest Lambo masterpiece

a talisman in a sea of mediocrity or mediocrity in a sea of talismans?

Recently unveiled,  2016 Talisman has some lots of features to show, but is it really that interesting? It is fresh, hot and beautiful of first sight. So, let's check out what it has to offer. Exterior First of all, the 2016 Talisman has numerous features, that will make it stand out from its predecessor models. Let's start with the exterior. The vehicle really looks great and stylish. Just look at the straight and elegant lines, convincing 

renault duster oroch pick-up revealed! to debut with sandero r.s. 2.0

Renault Duster Oroch Pick-Up has been finally revealed after an intensive teaser campaign. The mid-sized pick-up looks very good and what is even more exciting is that it won’t debut alone at the 7th Buenos Aires International Motor Show. Next to it, Renault will showcase the latest Renault Sander R.S. 2.0. The event will happen between June 19 and 28. Renault Duster Oroch Pick-Up The pick-up is actually the first vehicle produced by Renault