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watch the restyled tesla model s roll on the streets of miami [w/video]

Watch the restyled Tesla Model S roll on the streets of Miami [w/video]

Larte Design Elizabeta tuning kit makes Tesla's Model S even more brilliant! Tesla Model S is Elon Musk’s calling card, and is one of those creations of technology which will continue to be praised for a long time. The P90D has been recently “facelifted” adding more charms and goodies to what was initially brilliant. This fact however, does not stop any tuner who wants to bring out more from a particular model. An example is Larte Des

larte design is flying high with the range rover sport winner and here is why

Larte Design is flying high with the Range Rover Sport Winner and here is why

This is one of the well-known projects by Larte Design, but in a little bit different design form. We have seen different variants of the model, which have not only pleased the eye, but also have made a big furor around the world. The here presented white version of the Larte’s Range Rover Sport Winner is currently being photographed in America… in the air. Well, not literally, but the given pictures shoes some really good postures with pr

what happens when you give infiniti qx80 the missuro tuning pack? the result is unexpected [w/video]

What happens when you give Infiniti QX80 the Missuro tuning pack? The result is unexpected [w/video]

If you have an Infiniti QX80 and you think you need an individual touch, the Missuro tuning pack by Larte Design is probably the best choice to make. After applying it, the results are unexpectedly good and in fact the car looks amazing and very stylish. Another interesting detail is that the QX80 Missuro made huge furor at the Russian Podolsk, and it is currently making noise at the Moscow Tuning Show. So if you are in the vicinity you can see i

larte design redefines luxurious experience with special vip black crystal v-class

Larte Design redefines luxurious experience with special VIP Black Crystal V-Class

Larte Design Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal has been introduced for the first time this year back in the end of January. However, we received details only regarding the interior of the car, which stunned us with its vast luxurious cabin, high-quality materials and ambient atmosphere. In other words, this V-Class promised to be an example of maximum level of comfort and individuality for VIP persons… or whoever can afford it. It is now t

larte design finally reveals the secret tuning project based on lexus lx 570

Larte Design Finally Reveals the Secret Tuning Project Based on Lexus LX 570

Do you remember when we spoke about a secret project by Larte Design based on the luxurious Lexus LX 570? The news about it was spread almost a month ago, where the tuning company sent us the first couple of teaser images. It seems that design studio is ready to reveal more about it: we have plenty of photos, which you can see in our gallery below as well as detailed information about the customization options available for the SUV. And by the wa

tesla model s elizabeta is the next great thing in larte design’s garage

Tesla Model S Elizabeta is the Next Great Thing in LARTE Design’s Garage

LARTE Design’s Tesla S Elizabeta is a project we have seen so far… but not in the form we are going to present it now. We have just received the latest photoshoot of the famous electric vehicle, which was additionally customized by the Russian-based tuner. You can enjoy the images from the so called “industrial” photoshoot in our gallery below. And if we got your interest, here are the details about this special project. The current El

larte design reveals its top secret project: lexus lx 570

Larte Design Reveals its Top Secret Project: Lexus LX 570

Larte Design is a tuning company based in Russia that has a lot of secrets. Here’s the latest one, which we somehow managed to get to: it is going to modify the newest Lexus 570, and in fact, it has sent us two exclusive sketch images, showing what the vehicle would eventually look like. Well, obviously it’s not a

larte design previews exterior details of mercedes-benz v-class black crystal

Larte Design Previews Exterior Details of Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal

Do you remember when we talked about Larte Design’s Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal Project shown a month ago? Well, the tuning company is “teasing” it again before its official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next week. In fact, the Russian brand has revealed the exterior pictures of the model, which you can view in the gallery below after the pictures of the interior. The vehicle basically expresses the way Larte Design experts e

larte design v-class black crystal stands for vip luxury

LARTE Design V-Class Black Crystal Stands for VIP Luxury

This is a little bit more different project that we usually show on this blog. However, it is one hundred percent worth your attention. First, because the exclusive one-off Black Crystal exterior it features, and secondly, because you haven’t seen such a luxurious interior for a while. Do you remember the Black Cryst

autumn is versatile in colors and so is the infiniti qx80 by larte design [video]

Autumn is Versatile in Colors and so is the Infiniti QX80 by LARTE Design [VIDEO]

LARTE Design Infiniti QX80 is not a brand new project that comes out of the blue. However, this particular QX80, which is shown in the gallery below and the pictures featured in the article, is the new offer that is revealed by the tuning company. Specifically for the autumn days they have prepared for their customers brilliant color diversity for the Infiniti model, thus making it available in Dark Currant and Graphite Shadow. SEE ALSO: LARTE D

larte design releases dark blue infiniti qx80 lr3

LARTE Design Releases Dark Blue Infiniti QX80 LR3

LARTE Design Infiniti QX80 LR3 will appeal to those who like vehicles like the latest Range Rover Sport by Kahn Design. In fact, you are probably one of the first to see it! The SUV is ‘dressed’ in beautiful dark blue exterior color, which further enhances its sense of style, and reflects elegance and freedom. SEE ALSO: Kahn Reveals Stunning Firenze Red Range Rover Sport 400LE But the color isn’t the most important thing about this tuning project. It also received prominent changes and visual highlights tha

the winner turns blue: meet the new face of larte design's range rover sport

The WINNER Turns Blue: Meet the New Face of Larte Design's Range Rover Sport

Larte Design is back and this time with a rather familiar project. The tuners have unleashed their second version of the WINNER. If you remember well the first one, it is a bi-tone Range Rover which garbed our hearts with its stunning design and enhanced power. Now, the specialists are obviously releasing the next one out of the cage. Another good news is that if you happen to be in Monaco, you can see the car rolling on the streets. Engine The