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laferrari roadster or how to sell a sports car before officially revealing it

LaFerrari Roadster or how to sell a sports car before officially revealing it

Ferrari is releasing first exclusive images of the upcoming limited special edition You are now given the chance to witness the birth of a future legend! Ferrari has just revealed the first images of a new limited and special edition series, which is going to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September. Besides the exclusive trio of images the Italian super-car company released some specifics about the upcoming model, which is the open-to

when exclusivity meets style: novitec rosso ferrari 488 gtb

When exclusivity meets style: Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488 GTB

Novitec Rosso has released yesterday on their Facebook page an exclusive Ferrari 488 GTB project. All of you who follow us there have already seen the images (if you don’t make sure to do that here: “click”), but still do not know the details around this special car. And there is a lot! Basically, the sophisticat

one-off new ferrari 458 mm speciale won’t be made anymore

One-off new Ferrari 458 MM Speciale won’t be made anymore

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale sounds like a very special car, doesn’t it? And it is such. The exclusive (literally… it is one-off) model is Ferrari’s latest creation, which was revealed during the car’s first shakedown on the Fiorano circuit. It was driven by Ferrari’s chief test driver Dario Benuzzi and the car’

evantra millecavalli is 1000hp strong and very, very fast! [w/video]

Evantra Millecavalli is 1000HP strong and very, very fast! [w/video]

No, no, this isn’t an Elantra, it is Evantra Millecavalli and it is the newest Hypercar by Mazzanti Automobili, which I’m sure you have never heard before. Hey, that’s why we are here – to spread the word. The company has just released its final teaser video with some details that are very intriguing. So, the company says that the Evantra is the ‘most powerful street-legal Hypercar ever built in Italy’. And if you are familiar with

dmc ferrari 488 gtb orso offers more power and charm than you could expect!

DMC Ferrari 488 GTB ORSO offers more power and charm than you could expect!

DMC Ferrari 488 GTB ORSO is the newest project by the German specialists at the luxury tuning studio. The choice of the car used as a basis is not accidental. In fact, when Ferrari debuted the 488 GTB, there was equal amount of people who liked it and other who didn’t. The reason for this controversy was of course, the twin turbo charged V8 engine. It was away from the classic natural aspirated engine. This is why, the tuning experts decided to

vos ferrari 488 gtb features all preliminary qualities to be the perfect ferrari you will ever see!

VOS Ferrari 488 GTB features all preliminary qualities to be the perfect Ferrari you will ever see!

Which are the preliminary qualities of a Ferrari? First, it has to be red; secondly – it has to be fast; and third, it has to be beautiful. When one isn’t satisfied with its factory 488 GTB, then he or she goes to the doctor (tuner) and changes what they don’t like. It is as simple as that! Quality One: The Color In case of this project, which is based on the Ferrari 488 GTB and is made by the specialists at VOS Performance (VOS stands fo

capristo automotive shows the real capability of ferrari 488 gtb

Capristo Automotive Shows the Real Capability of Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB is hell of a car. But Capristo Automotive has ways of bringing out even more from it, without adding too much extra equipment. Hence, the company has developed innovative twin flow catalyst and carbon styling parts for the Italian sports car. Oh, and as a matter of fact they will pull out way more than the standard (but impressive) 670 hp from the twin-turbo V8 engine it uses. At the core of Capristo Automotive’s Ferrari 488

prior-design with yet another breath-taking ferrari 458 italia transformation

Prior-Design with Yet Another Breath-Taking Ferrari 458 Italia Transformation

Prior-Design has just sent us their latest project and we are extremely impatient to show it to you. The car is no other but specialist’s favorite 458 Italia, which this time comes in Ferrari’s most famous color.  The changes here are basic and they do not include engine update as we have seen in other PD projects including this model, however the car looks fantastic and to be assured of this you need to check out the gallery below. PD458 A

geneva motor show audience to witness the unveiling of the ferrari gtc4lusso!

Geneva Motor Show Audience to Witness the Unveiling of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso!

Ferrari GTC4Lusso debuts at the Geneva Motor Show! Designed for customers who want to drive Ferrari vehicles on any time and destination, and for those who satisfy themselves with nothing, but the best. So, let's waste no more time and see why this sweetie is so special. Vehicle's name in fact is a reference to brand's beautiful predecessors, as the 330 GTC, 330 GT and Enzo Ferrari's favourite: 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. Exterior styling GTC4L

is this the future 2017 ferrari ff facelift?

Is this the Future 2017 Ferrari FF Facelift?

It seems that this teaser image you see above is 2017 Ferrari FF Facelift. There are no official details announced yet, just an information and picture rolling in the web space. It also seems that this is the “new” (more likely renewed) supercar, which the company is going to debut at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este this month. Again, nothing has been confirmed yet, but everything hints towards a new FF facelift. From the teaser we can tell that the mysterious car has headlights, which aren’t typical

ferrari california t to get handling speciale (hs) optional pack

Ferrari California T to Get Handling Speciale (HS) Optional Pack

Ferrari California T is a front-engined V8 cabrio with room for two and is now available with new Handling Speciale (HS) option. Ferrari has made this step in order to offer sportier driving experience to its customers and California T owners. The Handling Speciale (HS) Pack To go into details, this option adds an extra edge, especially if one is driving in the manettino's Sport mode. It includes new damper settings and modified springs (more

ferrari 400 sa returns to previous glory

Ferrari 400 SA Returns To Previous Glory

Ferrari has established itself as one of the leader premium automobile brand since the 1950's and since then maintains its strong market positions. And it was also back in this era when the brand unveiled the 400 Superamerica at the Turin Motor Show in 1959. This sweetie offered incredible power and style, and typically for Ferrari, it became a vehicle that still maintains its performance and aesthetics on a high level. The 400 SA proudly demonstrated a special Colombo short-block V12 power unit and was fitted w