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is porsche mission e the next tesla model s?

Is Porsche Mission E the Next Tesla Model S?

Porsche Mission E Sports Car Concept is the first battery-powered four-seat concept car from Porsche, which is having its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Having almost unlimited power (of 600 hp) and impressive driving range of 500 km, the Mission E concept is probably Tesla Model S’ biggest rival. Or at least this is what everyone is talking about. We must admit that if this EV enters production and is offered at a pricing similar to this of Model S, then probably Tesla would lose most of its potential

mercedes-benz concept iaa: too much future in the present

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA: Too Much Future in the Present

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA has just been revealed. The vehicle is very interesting because it features design ideas that we see for the first time. It actually combines two cars in one: the first is all about aerodynamics and the second is all about style. When you combine both, you’ll have the Concept IAA. But what

2016 batmobile is here to serve some justice! [video]

2016 Batmobile Is Here to Serve Some Justice! [VIDEO]

It is here! Finally, the latest Batmobile is here! Well, it has been unveiled for a long time, but now it is available for public to take a close look at it. legendary in every aspect, the car has been Batman's most trustworthy accomplice since his early years. And for his 75 years of serving justice, the superhero has

2016 toyota prius debuts in frankfurt and why is it important

2016 Toyota Prius Debuts in Frankfurt and Why is it Important

2016 Toyota Prius will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This announcement just got published by Toyota officials next to a teaser image of the hybrid car. If it wasn’t for the new technology, which is also eco-friendly, I probably wouldn’t pay that much attention. But this is definitely news, since one of the most popular hybrid vehicles is going to get a thorough change. Or we at least expect to see one. What Does Toyota Promise? Of co

kahn announces plans for speed 7 racer inspired by the 30s

Kahn Announces Plans for Speed 7 Racer Inspired by the 30s

Speed 7 is a vintage inspired racer which is Afzal Kahn's third coach-building car. After we have seen the birth of the successful Flying Huntsman at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the WB12 Vengeance that is still to be launched this year, it is now time for the designers to continue with their exclusive projects.

hamann guardian


HAMANN GUARDIAN is the German tuner’s newest monster embodiment which turns the Porsche Cayenne Turbo into an amazing eye-pleaser, utilizing optimized aerodynamics, powerful performance enhancements, sleek lightweight alloys, sports brake system as well as ultra premium interior modifications. Under the bonnet of the HAMANN GUARDIAN, the specialist has unmistakably applied its renowned know-how, boosting the output figures of the vigor Cayenne to 550 horsepower (405 kW) at 6,100 revolutio

sportec spr1 fl

Sportec SPR1 FL

Sportec SPR 1 FL is the latest project of the tuning company. It is based on facelifted 997 Porsche 911 Turbo. It boasts new semi-sequential gearbox, new facelift LED taillights, rear bumper and side mirrors. The power is the same - 858PS (631 kW) and 880Nm (649 lb-ft). It comes from 3.6 liter twin-turbo flat-six. The engine updates include new Smooth Flow intake manifold with two injectors per chamber, a Carbon Ram Air intake system, high-performance intercooler and two hybrid turboch

a.r.t. mercedes-benz viano

A.R.T. Mercedes-Benz Viano

Announced and teased on sketches few months ago, A.R.T. Tuning’s enhancement program for 2011 Mercedes-Benz Viano is finally out on the market. Ready to turn the premium-class multi-purpose vehicle into e true pleaser, the A.R.T. Tuning package features newly developed front skirt with additional LEDs, aerodynamic side sills, a special rear skirt with integrated 4-pipe sports exhaust system, a roof spoiler as well as a chassis lowering module. Additionally, the enhancement program by A.R.

lotus evora enduro gt

Lotus Evora Enduro GT

Lotus Evora Enduro GT Concept has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is based on the Evora GT4 Endurance racer. The car will actually take a part in June at the 24hr Nurburgring ADAC race in Germany. It was developed by Lotus Motorsport with the help of head designer Nicola Scimeca. There are no specs for Evora Enduro GT Concept, but the previous Evora Type 124 uses 4.0 liter V6 with 400PS (295 kW) coupled to a 6-speed Cima sequential gearbox. Lotus Evora Enduro GT will also comp

carlsson c25 royale

Carlsson C25 Royale

Officially premiered at the last year’s edition of Geneva Motor Show, Carlsson C25 is now back on the renowned occasion’s display in Royale mode - Carlsson C25 Royale. Carlsson’s Super GT - C25 Royale sports over 70 innovations and is 180 kilograms lighter than its basis Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG, due largely to its complete real carbon exterior. Aimed at offering customers an exclusive ride that can be used as both, a ultra-fast race-like car or a daily ride, the Carlsson C25 Royale further h

2011 audi rs3

2011 Audi RS3

Audi RS3 debuted in Geneva, after it was officially announced in November, 2010. This is the top version of the current A3 and feature high performance upgrades – powerful engine, stiffened suspension, big wheels, big brakes and some sporty interior upgrades. The exterior modifications include an aggressive front fascia, an anthracite grille and matt aluminum accents. There are also modified side skirts, a dual exhaust system and 19” alloys. Inside, RS3 boasts sport seats upholstered wi

brabus 700 biturbo

BRABUS 700 Biturbo

At the display of the 81st edition of Geneva Motor Show, Brabus, the famous German tuning specialist has introduced its newest development, the BRABUS 700 Biturbo based on the stellar Mercedes SLS AMG. Sporting the deluxe WIDESTAR wide-body kit, the amazing BRABUS 700 Biturbo packs a next-level high-tech turbocharger system (B63 bi-turbo) for its M 159, liquid-cooled V8 Four-stroke engine, boosting its output figures to the mind-boggling 700 horsepower (514 kW) and 850 Nm (626 lb-ft) of max t