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Honda News

honda performance will make return on score baja 1000 event!

Honda is planning to make return to its 4-wheel off-road factory racing this November. The well-known manufacturer thinks of doing it the SCORE Baja 1000 desert race with a vehicle powered (obviously) by Honda Performance Development. So, it appears to me as one of the most beloved brands will go back on the road (or off the road?) to remind everyone why is it that good. Furthermore, the manufacturer teased some images of the race car today, f

2015 honda br-v prototype with a world premiere at 2015 gaikindo event

Honda BR-V Prototype has officially made a debut at the 2015 GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show. This generation of crossover vehicles features an interesting combination of an SUV appearance and MPV utility. The vehicle is geared with an 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine, paired either with a 6-speed manual transmission or with a continuously variable transmission. And the best news is that the BR-V is planned to be in market in early 2016. So, th

2016 honda accord with unchanged pricing from my2015 but a lot more goodies

2016 Honda Accord Facelift was revealed in the end of July with its upgraded dynamic styling, chassis and body. Honda is obviously ready to let the car straight onto the market and has announced its pricing. The sedan variant actually goes on sale today and will be followed by the coupe on August 26. With its sportier and sophisticated styling, the refreshed Accord now features a lot of revisions and upgrades, especially to the body and chassi

which are the sweet spots and pain points of the car buying journey?

A comprehensive research project led by Auto Trader has given some insights of the pros and cons of the car buying journey. More than 1,000 car buyers took part in this study over the last two years. The conclusion made from the gathered data is very interesting and it will help you if you are soon to buy a car. Pain Points Two are the principal pain points for those who buy from a dealer. Precisely, these are the deal negotiations and sale

2016 honda accord and what we get after the facelift

2016  Honda Accord comes refreshed, restyled and geared with advanced technology. Coming to markets in August, the latest Accord will be the first Honda vehicle to feature both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems. And of course, this are only some of the goodies, that the 2016 Accord will offer. The sedan and coupe

2015 honda jazz will offer enhanced comfort and features

2015 Honda Jazz comes with the best features of its prededessors Honda announced details for the 2015 Jazz vehicle, Honda's subcompact hatchback. The car will be offered in a wide variety of models, from the entry-level S model to the sophisticated EX Navi CVT. Honda brand also offers special payment plans , which in

honda civic tourer took one more trophy!

Honda's Guinness world record for "lowest fuel consumption" is already a reality! And the tough guy this time is Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC. Do you remember, when we told you about Honda's ambition to drive through all the European countries in order to demonstrate the efficiency of the vehicle? Yes? Well, it is already over. And the car with both the teammates are now home, celebrating the wonderful achievement. Let us remind you, that Honda team had the ambition to create one of the most efficient power

2016 honda pilot debuts with almost meaningful spots

2016 Honda Pilot made its debut with an advertising campaign, that will try to convince us, that the room inside is spacious and comfortable, while the vehicle itself comes with numerous gadgets, ensuring it is ready for every situation. In fact, this is the first video. The second spot tries to convince us, that if yo

honda br-v prototype is coming our way!

Honda BR-V Prototype is shown here via official sketches by Honda Prospect Motor. The vehicle will make its debut at the Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show 2015, held in Tangerang, Indonesia, 20-30 August. It sounds like a motorsport heaven. Ten days with the latest releases and innovations in the automobile world. But let's focus on the Honda BR-V Prototype. This is a latest generation crossover vehicle, that will serve for many customer needs. Created especially for the Asian marke

2016 honda fit and the success story. will it continue?

2016 Honda Fit is ready to get on the road stage and continue the affair, that the previous generation started. As you know, the Fit lineup is one of the best, that Honda has ever created. Since the last lineup, there is incredible positive feedback both from customers and critics. Now, more confident than ever, 2016 H

2015 honda grace lx with market introduction in japan

2015 Honda Grace LX is the newest addition in Grace’s line-up. The car will be exclusively distributed in Japan only and it is currently on sale across Japanese dealerships. Powered by gasoline, the compact sedan is an example of the perfect combination of a spacious cabin, fantastic exterior styling and improved int

honda-powered hph arx vehicle will be racing at the pikes peak event

Honda and Acura vehicles have participated in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event in recent years with numerous models as the Acura NSX and the Honda Fit and even the furious Honda Odysey, but now Honda Performance Development team has cvreated a special model in order to dominate over the 14,110-foot mountain. But now something special comes our way! Honda introduces the HPH ARX Coupe The special Honda-powered HPH ARX-04b LMP2 coupe,