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Honda News

honda will show numerous surprises at 2015 goodwood festival of speed

2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be a special event for the UK audience. Why? Because they will see the full 2015 Honda lineup. With wonderful and fresh models Honda team is ready to amaze the audience at the show. Definitely this time on display will be the latest Civic and CR-V models, that arrived in dealership in March. Furthermore, Civic Type R will be available in July, while the Jazz and the latest HR-V will be on sale in August. An

honda releases two videos to support its advertising campaign

Honda, in perfect harmony with the release of the 2016 HR-V Crossover, launches an interesting advertisement campaign, that tells a story about brand's history of innovation and passion for further improvement. The campaign itself is made with two TV spots, "Give and Take" and "Great Thinking Inside". The first one, the "Give and Take" video shows people, who try to "restyle" their faces with pushes and glances, but with every "improvement"

honda team heads up for a world record

Honda is ready to put a world record with its super-efficient 1.6 i-DTEC engine. The test will put the machine on a 8, 5000 mile drive across 24 EU countries with the single purpose to demonstrate the incredible fuel efficiency. On the 1st of June this year, a team will drive the Honda Civic Tourer and will go for a special journey, starting from Aalst, Belgium. The team will come back 28 days later and will drive exactly 8, 459 miles. The rules of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS will make the

2016 honda pilot will start mass production in alabama

There are more than 1,500 associates at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA), that celebrate the start of production of the latest and refreshed 2016 Honda Pilot, which is scheduled to go on sale next month.  The latest model has a lot of features to demonstrate, so let's check out what it has to offer. The restyle

honda reveals the fuel-efficient jade rs

Honda is starting with the sales of the new Jade RS on 28th of May. The sad news is that this car will be distributed only in Japan. The car is powered by the new 1.5-liter direct injection VTEC TURBO engine and is the newest addition in the Jade lineup. The Jade RS is benefits from the combination of the sedan, minivan and high-quality driving performance. Honda also said that the new engine’s torque is equivalent to that of a 2.4-liter one. However, the fuel consumption of the VTEC Turbo is better and it is

honda cars will be aided by aero kit at indy 500

So, this is Honda’s Super Speedway aero kit, which will be used at this year’s Indianapolis 500. The event happens in its 99th running and has just had its first public competition this Sunday. Company’s aero kit features aerodynamic upgrades and components which were added to the chassis of Honda-powered Dallara Indy car. They will endow the vehicle with superpowers, thus giving it the capability to maximize performance at the 2.5-mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The cars will compete in the Verizon Indy

accord safety car to pace verizon indycar series

Honda Accord is obviously perfect for pacing Indy, since it has been chosen for the safety car of the popular race. It is the first car at the Verizon IndyCar Series, which hasn’t happened for almost ten years. That’s right. The last time Honda utilized the Accord model for an Indy race was in 2006. Now, the 2015 Honda Accord Safety Car can show what a huge mistake the Japanese company has made. The safety vehicle is based on the production coupe model, but it has a significant difference. It features perfor

is honda hr-v showing the best fuel efficiency in its class?

November last year was the month when Honda HR-V was officially unveiled. To be honest, it surprised me very much, due to its innovative design and CR-V-inspired forms. Now, the Japanese company has announced that the model will be also one of the most efficient vehicles in its class and will offer dreamt-about characteristics. The styling of the car is literally breath-taking. From the outside one can also judge that there is enough space ins

honda concept d previews future production model. take a look!

The automotive manufacturers are annually displaying vehicles at so many shows around the world. One of the fast developing markets is the Chinese and therefore it is no surprise that there is an exhibition where we can see some cars that could not be witness anywhere else. I am speaking about the Auto Shanghai and Honda’s one-off Concept D vehicle. There isn’t a lot of information disclosed about this concept model, however the automaker

take a look at this coupe-inspired honda civic type r

This Honda will be praised or it will be hated, there is no interstitial opinion. The Type R coupe rendering has been a result of the work of Wild Speed, but we found it at CivicX forum, where people actually loved it. The renderings are only two (unfortunately), but they are so exquisitely made that it looks like a re

formula lites are ready to compete in the 2015 season

On November 2014, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) showed the first line of Formula Lites Craftwood FL-15. After loads of positive feedback,  five months later, Formula Lites series deliver the 2015 models, that will compete for their races in May this year. What happened back in 2014 became a rea

honda's “never-ending” cr-v youtube campaign is simply mesmerizing! [video]

Is there a better way to promote the newCR-V other than with an endless film? Obviously there isn’t, since Honda has just done this, which makes it the first company to create a ‘never-ending’ YouTube Film. This is part of an integrated campaign, called ‘The Endless Road’, which comes to advertise the latest CR-V. The campaign also aims at showing all new benefits of the model, starting with the expanded engine range and continuing to t