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Bentley News

bentley continental gt3 project in development

Bentley Continental GT3 Concept Racer was officially unveiled at the Paris Auto Salon last year. Since then engineers have been working on the Continental GT3 in preparation for Bentley’s highly anticipated return to the track. For this project the brand has been working with the help of the experts at M-Sport Ltd1. Over the last six months the race-ready version of the Continental has been taking material shape. More importantly, the model is powered by a race-configured and efficient 4.0-litre twin-turbo

vorsteiner bentley continental gt - could only be described as art

Vorsteiner has introduced their latest project based on the luxurious Bentley Continental GT. Art is defined as the expression of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. The latest tuning program for the Bentley Continental GT from Vorsteiner could only be described as art. The exterior comes with a carbon fiber front bumper that improves downforce and engine

exclusive: vilner bentley continental gt finally revealed!

At last! Vilner Bentley Continental GT has finally been revealed in its entire glorious and magnificent stance! After the project has been teased several times, the time has come for it to be fully disclosed to the automotive world! And everything that we can add is that it was worth the wait! Eight months ago in St

vilner teases the tuned interior of bentley continental gt [video]

In the beginning of this month we have received the second of two teasers that gave us a glimpse of what the exclusive Vilner Bentley Continental GT would look like. Now it is time for the third one, and in its case the luxury tuning specialists at Vilner are sharing with us some insights around the working process regarding the interior of the vehicle. The exclusive video, which you can view below, reveals some of the highlights that are goin

bentley introduces mulsanne and continental le mans limited edition models

Bentley just introduced their Le Mans Limited Edition Mulsanne and Continental model specifications, which will be distributed across North America. Each model is inspired by a driver from Bentley’s six victories at the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours race. These special models celebrate brands significant achievements at the race. In fact, 48 examples of each Le Mans Limited Edition model will be produced, with each car having unique Le Mans Edi

vilner bentley continental gt teased again [video]

At the end of the last month we were extremely excited to receive the news that the luxury tuning specialists at the Bulgarian company Vilner have a new exciting project. This time they have put all their efforts and attention towards giving an entire make-over to a Bentley Continental GT model. Now, just days ahead

teaser: bentley continental gt by vilner [video]

We have received extremely exciting news from the Bulgarian luxury tuning specialists at Vilner, who have just sent us a teaser video that reveals what will be their next exquisite project. Studio Vilner have already established a very prominent position in the creation of superior interiors on different kind of automobiles of versatile classes. In addition, in their portfolio is evident that they have made some exterior finishes as well. And now it is the time that they are also about to showcase their first

2013 dmc bentley continental gtc duro officially revealed

2013 DMC Bentley Continental GTC DURO has been teased last week when a teaser image has been released. It showed the spectacular front fascia of the DURO. DMC has put a special attention to the detail and high quality in this particular project. It has enhanced the design in general thus giving the Bentley more aggress

anderson germany bentley continental gt

Anderson Germany has announced their tuning program for Bentley Continental GT. The luxurious sports coupe has received both – styling and performance upgrades. The W12 6.0 liter twin-turbocharged engine is boosted to 680HP (500 kW), which is an increase of 105HP (77 kW). No words about acceleration and top speed, but 0-100 km/h is around 4.0 seconds and a top speed of more than 322 km/h (200 mph). The tuned Continental GT rolls 9J x 22” alloy wheels at the front fitted with 265/30

teaser: 2013 dmc bentley continental gtc duro

2013 DMC Bentley Continental GTC DURO has just been teased. The new project of the talented tuners at DMC Exotic Car Tuning has been disclosed, showing their work on the new 2013 Bentley Continental GTC. Only one image of the white stunning front fascia of the GTC has been released with no additional information around it. All interested in this particular project have to wait until the 18th of March when the official unveiling of the car will happen. Although we have seen DMC working extremely on Italian cars,

mansory sanguis based on bentley continental gt

Mansory will present their tuning package for Bentley Continental GT at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The name of the project is Sanguis. . The car's series model is already one of the most exclusive that money can buy. But Mansory deluxe manufactory has taken this a step further and created a top-level customisation of the second generation of the British Gran-Turismo. The exterior features a newly designed front apron with daytime running lights and an extra-light carbon-fibre bonnet. The carbon-fibre front

2014 bentley continental flying spur revealed [video]

2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur has just been officially revealed after it has been teased two weeks ago. The new luxury performance sedan delivers sculpted design and state-of-the-art technology. This is Bentley’s most powerful four-door model ever created and it will make its word debut at the 2013 Geneva Moto