At last! Vilner Bentley Continental GT has finally been revealed in its entire glorious and magnificent stance! After the project has been teased several times, the time has come for it to be fully disclosed to the automotive world! And everything that we can add is that it was worth the wait!

Eight months ago in Studio Vinler came a client who brought his first generation Bentley Continental GT. It was an ordinary day like any other days of the week and the client had the typical Bentley in Racing Green exterior color with the standard production interior in Saffron color with some brown wooden accents as applications.

The desire of the client was to achieve a distinct individualization for his automobile: this meant that his favorite vehicle should express optimally his own style of luxury, comfort and individuality. The luxury tuning company Vilner has paid great respect to the majestic and imposing design of this Continental GT, and on this sound basis they have created a project that is fully produced in Bulgaria.

The professionals have worked in three directions: firs of all, they have set the goal to achieve more aggressive exterior transformation resulting in unique visual stance. Secondly, they have equipped this Bentley with entirely new interior. And at last, the power output of the car was increased.

The project of the exterior and the interior of the car was created by the designers at Studio Vilner and it was completely in accordance with the wishes of the client. As you can see, the exterior of the automobile is considerably changed. And to be even more precise, to its length were added 13 cm and to its rear – 16 cm.

Throughout the exterior can also be seen the extensive use of carbon fibre elements, and in addition all of the elements were totally renewed except for the line of the roof. The aim was to achieve more personalized and aggressive appearance.

We surely should make an emphasis on the absolutely new fenders that were designed and produced especially for this project and which add 5 cm to the stock ones at the front and 8 cm at the back.

Furthermore, the front fascia of the vehicle is lengthened with 8 additional centimeters while the back – with 5 cm. The idea and the design of the front carbon spoiler, rear carbon spoiler and the rear diffuser are attributed to Vilner as well. Entirely changed were also the tips of the exhaust-pipes.

The stock Racing Green exterior color of the car was of course changed. This Coninental GT was re-dyed in gray graphite matt. Another accent in the exterior design is that the inner part of the head-lights was created from carbon fibre. The stops-lights got also some "make-up".

Going further to the second point, the interior has been modified from the stock one in Saffron color with brown wooden applications to something exceptionally striking. It was precisely created in black color and received some Bordeaux accents.

The materials utilized are black Alcantara, Black Leather and Black Exotic Lether with Cobra Pattern. The stitching and the seat-belts are in Bordeaux. Additionally, the dark red color can be discreetly seen on the door pockets, armrest and gearshift lever.

The "wings" – the symbol characterizing Bentley brand, has been embroidered in Bordeaux stitching on the seats and it also can be seen on the lateral part of the seats. The "feathers" were incorporated in all wooden elements in the interior as powerful and at the same time not-disturbing-the-sight-and-attention accents. They were finely and assiduously aerographed and then covered with varnish.

Next, the ceiling was wrapped in Black Alcantara with decorative pattern which is also present on the seats. The steering wheel got a change in its form and the new one was created in accordance with the grip of the driver.

At last, the tuners have worked on this project with the aim to bring about more power from the unit placed under the hood. After the modifications done, the increase in horsepower was from 559 (411 kW) to 660 (485 kW), while in Newton Meters – from 650 (480 lb-ft) to 780 (575 lb-ft). This basically means that the maximum speed has also been enhanced and now this Vilner Bentley Continental GT offers its driver 325 km/h instead of stock's 318 km/h.

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