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Bentley News

bentley exp 9 f images and video

After a successful UK/Goodwood debut, the Bentley EXP 9 F design concept SUV comes with new images and a video. Not the breaking news we've been looking for but still better than leaving empty handed. Again, there's talk about the EXP 9 F's mingle of highlights such as “contemporary” luxury, advanced technology, all-terrain friendliness and a “commanding driving position”? Usually 99% of the driving seats out there are commanding in the sense that there is a steering wheel nearby, the

bentley continental gt speed debuts's at goodwood

Excited? You should be as the fastest production Bentley is coming our way. It's the Continental GT Speed which will save us from recent letdowns and from common sense. It's back to the W12 engine for this one. The international debut will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 while deliveries should begin later in October. Despite remaining at 6.0-liters, the new GT Speed's core has 625 bhp and sends 800 Nm of torque to the wheels – all four of them. That's a 25 bhp and 50 Nm leap from the 2007 Bentley Co

bentley exp 9 suv concept debuts at goodwood festival of speed

Bentley EXP 9 SUV Concept is going to make its international debut at 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed. As a true Bentley this concept delivers exceptional performance combined with unmatched luxury. The new vehicle is going to appear both as part of the Supercar Run up the iconic Goodwood Hill and on the Bentley Motors stand. In fact Bentley is to have strong presence at this event with a mix of contemporary and classic models. Goodwood Festiv

bentley continental audentia gtc by imperium

Imperium Automotive has announced their new tuning package for the Continental GTC. The big convertible car now boasts more style and individuality. The name of the project is Imperium Audentia GTC and it features only exterior modifications. The aerodynamics pckage includes a new front bumper with air vents, a new front grille, a pair of lowering side skirts and a custom rear apron. There is also a new boot lip spoiler, rear diffuser and sports exhaust tips. All components are made from high-quality materials.

2012 bentley mulsanne diamond jubilee edition brings even more luxury

2012 Bentley Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition is a model which Bentley Motors has produced in order to celebrate The Queen’s Birthday and her Diamond Jubilee year. The model is designed with great precision, perfection and craftsmanship. From it will be produced only 60 examples. What is very characteristic about these models is that they are distinguished by a range of exquisite, handcrafted features. For instance some of them bespoke em

2012 bentley exp 9 f suv concept to be revealed in geneva

Bentley brand is offering a vision of the future with its all new concept SUV: 2012 Bentley EXP 9 F SUV Concept. The vehicle will be showcased at the Geneva International Salon. It is a representation of company’s new take on the Grand Touring Bentley. The new all-wheel drive SUV combines a spacious, versatile cabin

2012 bentley mulsanne executive interior

Bentley has announced that they will produce the special edition Mulsanne Executive Interior, which was first showcased at the 2011 Frankfurt Show. “The original Mulsanne multimedia concept was previewed at several special customer events across the globe and the reaction was immensely encouraging. Bentley has now created two bespoke Specifications, Theatre and iPad, and we’re confident they will meet the expectations of customers needing a business-focussed environment or simply a relaxing space where films

bentley mulsanne mulliner driving specification

You know the Bentley Mulsanne, right? It has been the flagship Bentley for quite a while and now we have a fresh new version. It's called the Mulliner Driving Specification and is here to keep the things afloat. Well... it will be here actually: the debut is set for the 82nd Geneva Motor Show. Highlighting the spec, are four 21-inch, light aluminum alloy wheels bolted in place with titanium fasteners. The overall finish on them comes in two forms: painted or polished. Together with the 265/40 ZR21 tires, the wheel

bentley continental gt v8 in munich [video]

Many car debuts occur in closed-door halls with a curtain over the model in question and lots of smoke and techno music for setting up the mood. The whole reveling process has become a sort of a cliché and Bentley are well aware of that. That is why for the Continental GT V8 premiere in Munich, the company went the extra mile...upwards. Here is a video of a Bentley Continental GT V8 soaring trough the skies over Munich, with its indicators on, hooked to a helicopter. That could mean only two things: Either Munich

some of the most wanted and expensive collectible cars from the past

Have you ever wondered which are some of the most desirable cars from the past? "Which models collectors are crazy for?" is the question asked here. And there goes the answer, including five of the most wanted and expensive cars made in the past. The first car to be mentioned here is the 1931 Bentley 4 1/2-Liter model. This particular vehicle has only 49 similar to it, which means that there were only 50 ever produced. Hence, the immediate con

2012 bentley continental gtc convertible and bentley mulsanne at the qatar international motor show

Bentley Motors has just revealed their new 2012 Bentley Continental GTC. The luxury vehicle was presented for its first time at Qatar International Motor Show in Doha. The all new Bentley GTC Convertible includes even more spacious cabin, which is of course hand-crafted. Moreover it is made from soft-touch leather hides, an extensive range of wood veneers, cool-touch metals and deep-pile carpets. Furthermore the new vehicle is now wit even mor

vorsteiner bentley continental gt br-10 [video]

Vorsteiner has announced their tuning program for the mighty Bentley Continental GT. The name of the project is Vorsteiner BR-10 Sport Coupe. The tuned Continental GT comes with complete carbon fiber body kit including a 2-piece add-on front spoiler, an add-on central carbon splitter, a full length 2-piece add-on side skirt element, a carbon fiber replacement rear diffuser element and last but not least - deck lid spoiler also from carbon fiber. Finally, the absolutely stunning VS-130 series wheel, a 22” 5-