Diehard Top Gear fans remember the times when the power lap board was pretty clean and simple – the Pegani Zonda C12 S took the lead right from the start and dominated the Top Gear Test track for 3 whole seasons. As the episodes rolled however, things sort of got out of hand and it became very hard to follow which is what and when.

Recently we stumbled upon a chart which manages to round up all the times achieved and all the information available in a nutshell. Well... quite a big nutshell but still. At the very beginning we see a wheel-type graphic  which sorts all the cars that were tested by year of airing and track time and even indicates the weather conditions for every run.

Scroll down bellow and we get a more comprehensive time table of those same cars and the respective leaders marked in yellow. We personally, found out how cars which have held the lead the power board for a limited amount of time, tend to get lost in our consciousness (i.e. the McLaren Mercedes SLR).

Then there are the memorable runs such as the one of the Koenigsegg CCX which gained massive benefits from the Top Gear-suggested rear wing. Or the Bugatti Veyron's lap which at the time was eagerly expected but eventually flopped on the finish line ending up in the forth position leaving the Gumpert Apollo an undisputed king of times for 3 more seasons.

From then, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport makes a brief appearance but 2 episodes later, the Ariel Atom 500 V8 pretty much embarrasses everyone and climbs the ladder so high that even as we speak, it still is the fastest road legal thing ever tested on the track.

Ariel Atom 500 V8 Front Angle

Further down, there's some info on the top 10 most affordable cars that were "power lapped" on the track, some info about the track itself and... some say there's a word or two about the Stig as well.

Finally, a number of awards which can only underline the show's touch of comedic genius.The info graphic was styled and compiled by Boost Labs which deal with technology and design and share a fair amount of passion about cars believe it or not.