rezvani motors beast supercar teased [video]

Rezvani Motors Beast Supercar Teased [VIDEO]

Rezvani Motors Beast Supercar was just teased via an exclusive video on YouTube. The car will be revealed very soon, precisely next week, and it is destined to change a lot in the automotive industry. The Californian based company has a simple mission to create the lightest, highest performing car on the market, which has s reasonable price of around $150 000 USD. Exterior What we see from the teaser video, the Beast definitely has the looks and since the company hasn’t disclosed anything yet, this is what we

quantum gp700 is unveiled: style and adrenaline rush are coming our way

Quantum GP700 Is Unveiled: Style and Adrenaline Rush Are Coming Our Way

2015 Quantum GP700 is finally unveiled after almost a decade of pursuit for the highest and greatest performance by Quantum Performance Vehicles team and the man behind the project Jeff David. This is the first release and will be the flagship of Quantum Performance Vehicles range. Furthermore, the GP700 heads to achieve the most exhilarating experience for drivers. On the sports track (yes, this is only a track vehicle) the GP700 comes with p

rezvani motors shows first image of beast’s interior

Rezvani Motors Shows First Image of Beast’s Interior

When I first saw the image above, I thought that this is some sort of cheap game construction for games like the Need for Speed or (the future) Mad Max. Then I spotted the huge amount of carbon fiber and the emblem on the steering wheel which said so much. This is Rezvani Motors’s emblem with the wings representing t

radical reveals 440 hp sr8 rsx race & track car

Radical Reveals 440 hp SR8 RSX Race & Track Car

Radical SR8 RSX Race and Track car is company’s new flagship racing vehicle. Note that it offers an experience closer to LMP competition. It utilizes the newest technology just like the RXC V8 coupe and includes a sevenspeed paddleshift transmission and variable-assistance power steering. The cockpit is bigger than the SR8 RX and in addition is generously equipped. The big news about this car is that it is powered by a racing engine designed specifically for race and track use. Namely, this is the RPE 3.0-lit

dubai roadster is the first emirati-built supercar

Dubai Roadster Is The First Emirati-Built Supercar

Dubai Roadster is the first first Emirati-built supercar and in fact it is in its early stages of production. However, this fact does not stop the potential buyers that are already making orders. The majority of the future buyers come from Emirati. The vehicle will be available for sale in the beginning of next year at

2014 ariel atom 3.5r - price

2014 Ariel Atom 3.5R - Price

Ariel Motor Company has finally unveiled the new Atom 3.5R Special Edition coming with epic performance specs and price, of course. It is tagged at £80,000 (around €97,500), which is quite a lot considering that the car is nothing more than a track toy. Ariel Atom 3.5R is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine with 350HP (261 kW) at 8,400RPM and 328Nm (243 lb-ft) at 6,100RPM, which is an increase of 40HP. The result is thanks to a custom sidepod-mounted intercooler and also by in

top gear test track summed up

Top Gear Test Track Summed Up

Diehard Top Gear fans remember the times when the power lap board was pretty clean and simple – the Pegani Zonda C12 S took the lead right from the start and dominated the Top Gear Test track for 3 whole seasons. As the episodes rolled however, things sort of got out of hand and it became very hard to follow which is what and when. Recently we stumbled upon a chart which manages to round up all the times achieved and all the information available in a nutshell. Well... quite a big nutshell

ariel atom - primitive pure fun

Ariel Atom - Primitive Pure Fun

Having fun on four wheels these days is easy, right? Indeed, there is a lot of power out there to play with. However, “with great power comes great responsibility”... is what many car manufacturers have in mind now. That is why today we have speed limiters, brake assist, lane departure warnings, ABS, ESC, TCS, xDrive, and many, many more abbreviations that keep us safe and sound and on the road. Everything is automatized and we as drivers start to feel isolated and neglected. All is rather c