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Bugatti News

bugatti exhibition at the peterson: fine vehicles and fine memories. enjoy!

A year after the grand re-opening, the Peterson does what would please all fans of retro automobiles: it unveils the most comprehensive retrospective of the Bugatti lineup in history, showing brand's vehicles in a different way: as a piece of art, as fine sculptures, furniture and of course, as vehicles that forever changed the appearance of the automobile world. The aim of Art of Bugatti project is to give an inside look at the history of the

are $100,000 usd bugatti veyron replicas worth it? see here!

As we all know, Bugatti has been making some of the fines vehicles and supercars for a long time. And with the Veyron lineup that combines incredible luxury and superior performance, the brand showed one more time how to make a wonderful hi-end car.  In fact, the Veyron lineup is one of brand's super expensive and can reach a price of 2 million dollars. Some exclusive and limited models can even reach up a price of 3 million. Discouraging, right

bugatti chiron colorizer launched. here are the individualization options it offers

Bugatti Chiron, which we have been waiting for a long time, debuted last week at the Geneva Motor Show, giving a glimpse of what the world’s most powerful, fastest and most luxurious car looks like. Exclusive in its production (it will be limited to 500 units only), the Chiron is the first sports car currently on the market to offer 1,500 HP (1103 kW) and torque of 1,600 Nm (1180 lb-ft). The maximum speed of 420 km/h makes the Chiron ready for

the fastest and most powerful bugatti chiron makes geneva premiere

Bugatti Chiron is a name to remember, not only because it is the latest creation of the ultra-luxury sports car brand, but also because it is expected to achieve great results in the future being absolutely ready for a new world speed record. If you are somewhere near Geneva, then go visit the Motor Show that is currently happening there. You will have the opportunity to witness the world premiere of a future legend, the new Chiron, which is plan

bugatti is almost ready with the exclusive chiron model

The latest Bugatti vehicle will bear the name Chiron, after Louis Chiron, the legendary racing driver who won all the major grand prix events for the luxurious brand back in 1920s and 1930s. In fact, he is connected to Bugatti's history more than anyone else. The world debut of the super car is scheduled for the 86th G

bugatti vision gran turismo concept is dedicated to the fans. takes the stage in frankfurt [video]

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept is something you have already seen. But what you haven’t witnessed is its birth at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where it takes the stage to make an official premiere. The virtual concept has been designed exclusively for PlayStation and in particular for the video game Gran Turismo. However, Bugatti says that the car is dedicated to the fans. Why? Because thanks to the game, the supersports car can be accessed b

2015 bugatti vision gran turismo concept is here and it is real!

Bugatti fans and gamers now have one more reason to look forward to the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Especially for this show, Bugatti team has transformed a what was just a mere idea to a mind-twisting reality. Now the brand will present its virtual concept Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo which was developed in cooperation with Polyphony Digital Inc. This whole project is a big tribute to the great racing tradition of the 1920s

bugatti further details the vision gran turismo concept

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the first vehicle by the brand created specifically for its fans and players of the popular PlayStation game Gran Turismo 6 (GT6). What is more, this concept car will give a glimpse of what Bugatti designers have in mind for the future vehicles. The company will also display the virtual p