2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-ClassMercedes-Maybach presents its latest and most luxurious model so far. This is indeed the new S-Class that offers a neat combination of elegance, refinement and exceptional craftsmanship. Arriving in dealerships in mid-2021, the vehicle will also showcase new and advanced technologies.

Exterior design

Instantly recognizable, the new Maybach S-Class reveals some well-known features such as elegant curves and clean lines. Relying on "less is more" design concept, the vehicle instantly makes a strong visual impact with its minimalistic appearance and exclusive components. Such are the well-known front grille design that the Maybach lineup is famous for and the lower grille inserts that add a bit of sophistication and design dynamics.

For further exclusivity, the Mercedes-Maybach offers luxurious customization, including ten Maybach-exclusive two-tone paint finishes with a dividing line, all applied by hand. The vehicle can also be equipped with electronically-operated comfort rear doors that can be controlled from the driver's seat, heated and cooled cupholders, a refrigerated compartment and custom champagne flutes and built-in holders.

Interior design

The new family member offers plenty of space and unparalleled interior luxury, with a focus on the first-class rear cabin. The 7-inch longer wheelbase, compared to predecessor models means that the new Maybach S-Class is not only more spacious but also adorned with tons of new features that enhance the overall comfort of both driver and passengers.

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The vehicle comes with an advanced 12.8-inch OLED multimedia touch screen display in the central console and five screens in the front and rear rows for more infotainment flexibility. Talking about infotainment, the Maybach also features Mercedes' dedicated MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system with advanced Voice Control functionality. The latest version of the system allows individual MBUX profiles with biometric authentication via fingerprint, voice control and facial recognition.

Drivetrain system

Geared with AIRMATIC Air Suspension and electrified V8 Biturbo power unit with Mild Hybrid Drive and 48-volt technology, the new Maybach delivers a total of 496hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. What is special about this model is the active road noise suppression and the new DYNAMIC SELECT driving mode system for choosing the right mode for any road situation and surface.

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