Since we were first presented the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, we were definitely awaiting eagerly the pricing of this luxury vehicle of the highest of class. It stands atop of the Mercedes-Benz model range, because it has numerous exclusive details which highlight its "ambition" to lead. These include not only luxury-enhancing features, but also all of the technological benefits of the S-Class. We have to wait a little longer for model's market launch, which is scheduled for 15th of February. However, with the announced price, the models are now available to order.

The new Maybach is 5453 mm long and sits over a wheelbase of 3365 mm. It is also 20 cm larger in both dimensions than the long wheelbase S-Class Saloon. The big difference between the S-Class and the Maybach is to be found at the rear, where one can experience the real sense of spaciousness.

Inside, the saloon is the quietest in the world for rear-seat passengers. What is more – it has been extended by 200 mm, which benefits those sitting in the back. There is also more headroom. Unique and innovative safety features are also included in the rear of the car. Such are the seat belt buckle extender, beltbag and seat cushion airbag.

Mercedes have introduced for the first time the voice amplification system.

Absolutely new for Mercedes-Benz is the introduction of voice amplification system. As a chauffeur-driven vehicle, this innovative function makes it easier to communicate with the rear passengers from the front. It comprises of two microphones, which can be also utilized to pick up speech for the hands-free telephone system. The signals are then amplified but at the same time constantly adjusted for the speaker's volume.

The superb car, and precisely its top-of-the-range trim, S 600, is driven by the exceptional V12 biturbo engine. It has a displacement of 5980 cc and produces no less than 530 horsepower (390 kW) and a torque of 830 Nm (613 lb-ft) available at 1900 rpm.

The S 500 gets the V8 biturbo engine with an output of 455 hp (335 kW) from a displacement of 4663 cc. This model also produces a maximum torque of 700 Nm (517 lb-ft) that is available from 1800 rpm. Here, the combined fuel consumption is estimated at 8.9 litres of petrol per 100 km, while the CO2 fumes are measured at 207 g/km.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has a starting price of 134,053 euros.

Mercedes-Maybach S 500 S 600
Number of cylinders/arrangement 8/V 12/V
Displacement (cc) 4663 5980
Rated output (kW/hp at rpm) 335/455 at 5250-5500 390/530 at 4900-5300
Rated torque (Nm at rpm) 700 at 1800-3500 830 at 1900-4000
Fuel consumption (combined) from (l/100 km) 8.9 S 11.7 SP
Combined CO2 emissions from (g/km) 207 274
Efficiency class C F
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 5.0 5.0
Top speed (km/h) 250 250
Price (in euros; incl. 19% VAT) 134,053.50 187,841.50

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