2019 G-POWER BMW M850iBMW 6 Series is already a legend – lineup's stock models are so popular and beloved that the name itself has become a sort of an ideal for a high-end vehicle. However, it was recently replaced with the 8 series – a honorable substitute that was well-received by BMW enthusiasts and critics.

However, G-POWER team has decided to tweak a bit a single M850i and deliver us a machine that is both sporty oriented and still features comfort and utility goodies. Incorporating a large 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the revised xDrive generates a total of 670hp and 890Nm of torque.

2019 G-POWER BMW M850i

This is a massive boost of 140hp and 140Nm, compared to stock models. The team has achieved such results by installing a set of stainless steel downpiples, including 200-cell sports catalytic converters that reduce both thermal load and dynamic pressure, allowing the twin-charged engine to exhale more freely and generating higher performance scores. On the other hand, the engineering team hasn't changed the drivetrain protection and diagnostic features – these do not affect the software changes, nor does the upgrade affect their functionality.

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And this is what we love about G-POWER – there are upgrades and changes are just enough to ensure a certain result achieved without altering vehicle's entire nature or spirit. And last, but not least, G-POWER has included an exclusive set of HURRICANE RR forged rims. Enjoy!

2019 G-POWER BMW M850i

2019 G-POWER BMW M850i

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