2019 G-POWER BMW M2 F87With the evolution of the M2 to the M2 Competition, BMW M GmbH has reduced the gap between this lineup and the more prestigious M4. As you might know, at the moment event the base M2 models are powered by S55B30 twin-turbo engine, used in the M4 and M3 machines. This unit has been revised in order to deliver 410hp and tons of additional drivability functions.

However, G-POWER has decided to take a closer look and offer impeccable revision and upgrade features. This latest tuning project includes a massive power output kick for the total of 680hp/860Nm. G-POWER engineers have also included numerous modifications to the M2 Competition turbochargers. There are also revisions made on the turbine wheel, along with changes to the exhaust system: there are new turbine blades with capped ends that reduce the exhaust gas temperature, making it safe to use higher boost pressures. The efficiency of these turbochargers has been maximized due to a CNC-milled exhaust and compressor housing with enlarged inlets and outlets.

2019 G-POWER BMW M2 F87

Additionally, the entire exhaust system is exclusively created by G-POWER and consists of high-grade stainless steel and two 90mm twin tailpipes.

Following the modifications to the engine and exhaust, G-POWER Performance Software V4 now takes the role of the conductor, optimally coordinating the individual components in the hardware installation. It is fine-tuned in order to work in perfect harmony with G-POWER's four-wheel chassis dynamometer.

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And last, but certainly not least, the revised G-POWER M2 Competition vehicle includes G2M RS coilovers and neat ultra-light G-POWER HURRICANE RR forged wheels, which provide a neat boost to the driving dynamics, thanks to the unsprung rotating masses. These are wrapped by 9x20" with 245/30R20 high-performance tires on the steering axle of the M2 Competition and in 10.5x20" with 285/25R20 rubber tires on the drive axle. Sweet!

2019 G-POWER BMW M2 F87

2019 G-POWER BMW M2 F87

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