the hellcat is back with 900hp and more aggressive than ever!

The Hellcat is back with 900HP and more aggressive than ever!

Prior-Design is mostly famous for its exclusive tuning and aerodynamic kits as well as beautiful sets of wheels. We can hardly expect from these experts engine uprating or even something that can bring out more from the inherent power of car’s powerplant. However, the case with their latest project is actually the opposite and we have surprisingly found that Prior-Design can actually make things pretty cool! The chosen car is the newest Dodg

prior-design meets vossen wheels in a cool mercedes-amg gt s project and everything is shot in monaco

Prior-Design meets Vossen Wheels in a cool Mercedes-AMG GT S project and everything is shot in Monaco

What happens when two very posh companies that offer additional style for you vehicle work together? It happens projects like this. The unique Mercedes-AMG GT S has been updated by Prior-Design in general, but instead of the standard wheels that come with the wide-body kit they offer, it has been fitted with Vossen ones. What is more, the car has been photographed in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Monaco! Is it the place that makes th

prior-design brings out the best from porsche macan with pd600m wide-body conversion

Prior-Design brings out the best from Porsche Macan with PD600M wide-body conversion

Prior-Design is a tuning company we love to talk about. It is frequently featured in our blog posts not only because of its relative popularity, but mostly because of the great tunings it creates. This time, under the spotlight is the Porsche Macan, which has received a wide-body conversion kit, called PD600M. The tuning studio calls the process a “muscle building” and we are likely to agree. Here are the reasons. If you have ever wondered

prior-design is killing it with the audi rs6/a6 avant pd600r project

Prior-Design is killing it with the Audi RS6/A6 Avant PD600R project

Prior-Design has just released a stunning tuning kit for the Audi A6 Avant and the RS6. It definitely contributes for bettering (if that is even possible) car’s stance. What is more, the tuning company also offers an exciting power-modification for these models. The aim is to add more excitement to the enhanced visual appearance. Well, they’ve done it right. PD600R Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit The widebody kit is called PD600R and features many

prior-design with yet another breath-taking ferrari 458 italia transformation

Prior-Design with Yet Another Breath-Taking Ferrari 458 Italia Transformation

Prior-Design has just sent us their latest project and we are extremely impatient to show it to you. The car is no other but specialist’s favorite 458 Italia, which this time comes in Ferrari’s most famous color.  The changes here are basic and they do not include engine update as we have seen in other PD projects including this model, however the car looks fantastic and to be assured of this you need to check out the gallery below. PD458 A

prior design transforming the ferrari 458 italia

Prior Design Transforming the Ferrari 458 Italia

Prior Design is proud to present their latest project based on the Ferrari Italia F458. It is one of their best tunings we have seen so far and we decided to bring it forward to the public. Although 458 Italia is a sports car that barely needs modifications, Prior Design experts were courageous enough to step into fields that other tuners rarely do. Basically, the conversion comprises not only of a widening aerodynamic kit, but also adds new wheels and tires, additional lowering as well as extra output for the f

prior-design with wide-body conversion for mercedes-benz gt s

Prior-Design with Wide-Body Conversion for Mercedes-Benz GT S

Prior-Design Mercedes-Benz GT S PD800GT seems like a name of a sophisticated project, which craves for attention and praise. The simple fact that it is based on the Mercedes GT S makes it preliminary special. And by adding the PD800GT Wide-Body kit, Prior-Design specialists have made it even more attractive. Some Serial Facts Why we do care about the stock details. Because under the hood of the Mercedes GT S, sleeps the untamed beast called 4.0

godzilla is back: meet prior-design’s 720hp nissan gt-r

Godzilla is Back: Meet Prior-Design’s 720HP Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R is undoubtedly on of the best sports cars on the planet. I sincerely think that there isn’t a car enthusiast who would not want to drive this emblematic vehicle. And it is always a pleasure when we see some good GT-R conversions. Remember the Liberty Walk Nissan GTR, for instance? Well, this time the t