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Prior Design News

prior design mercedes-benz cl - widebody kit

The new Mercedes-Benz CL is really stunning car. It boasts both elegancy and aggressiveness. To make it even more stylish, Prior Design has announced a new tuning program for the big coupe. The widebody kit includes a new front lip spoiler, modified front fascia, a new rear bumper and a pair of new side skirts. Other upgrades are the new front hood, mesh grilles, rear diffuser and extended wheel arches giving a nice presence of the new CL. The final touch is the boot lid spoiler, which completes the exterior.

prior design stun with a lamborghini gallardo

This time Prior Design have gone big. Actually no. They have gone for the baby Lamborghini. The Gallardo. Still, quite the kit they have provided. Most of the Italian skin is now covered in German quality Dura-Flex Fiber Reinforced Plastic bits. The kit consists of a front bumper, a rear bumper, front fenders with air intakes, rear wheel arches that are wider than normal, a roof scoop and a rear trunk spoiler. Some of the aforementioned are functional, others are merely decorative. Most importantly, Prior will c

prior design bmw 6-series aerodynamic-kit

Introducing the Prior Design aerodynamic kit for the new BMW 6-series. It's largely unnoticeable, we admit, but the good news is that aftermarket shops are slowly starting to integrate the BMW F12/F13 series. Yes, close to 3000 Euros ($3,719) is a lot of money for a bunch of plastics with a fancy name (Dura-Flex). You get a Prior Design PD6 front bumper, a PD6 rear bumper and two PD6 side skirts and that's it. No options, no nothing. The BMW itslef on the other hand may have more to offer. If we are talking a

mercedes g-class refined prior design

Prior Design has announced their tuning package for the new facelift of Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The luxurious off-road vehicle will get a complete styling package as well as some interior modifications. Outside Prior G-Class boasts a new front bumper with four fog lights and LED daylights beneath the headlights. The vehicle also comes with a ventilated hood and a roof-mounted air intake. Last, but not least, the tuning company has installed a new rear diffuser. The big vehicle rolls enormou

prior design widebody kit bmw 5 series e60

Proper E60 nostalgia coming from Prior Design. It's a complete “Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit” for the previous BMW 5 Series. Willing to add some character to your old bimmer? We are talking high grade materials here that are easy to fit, flex and paint. The kit consists of a front bumper, hood air-scoops (which are more like vents), two front fenders, side skirts, rear fenders, a rear bumper and finally a trunk spoiler as optional. All is TÜV certified so you know it's Prior – quality is their signature. Must

prior design ford mustang c5

Prior Design Ford Mustang C5 is not the latest transformation by Prior Design. Although we are already familiar with this incredible car and its more astounding tuning, there were released some additional new and absolutely exclusive pictures of the muscle car. The body kit for the Mustang features new front bumper with large air intakes. In addition to that it also comprises of pair of modified side skirts and newly styled rear bumper. All these features can’t go without the Mustang whi

mercedes cl black edition v2 aerodynamic kit by prior design

Say hello to the Prior Design BlackEdition widebody aerodynamic kit for the Mercedes-Benz CL... version 2.0. Or as Prior would like to call it - V2. It fits all W216 coupes and to some extent, it acts as a development over the previous one. Naturally, some of the components are shared with the first project while the new ones are designated by a “BlackEdtitionV2” label. Namely, we are talking about the front bumper which gets two air outle

prior mercedes-benz m-class aerodynamic kit

Prior Design seem to be in a very SUV mood considering the fact that they have released yet another program for an old-ish titan. Nor really that old actually – the Mercedes-Benz M Class W164 (the one made from 2005 to 2011). Does it look any different from yesterday's Range Rover? Well, granted that it is a Mercedes, it does but the Prior Design formula on it is basically the same. Yes, you know it – a front bumper, side skirts a rear bumper and... mounting material. Not what we call thrilling. Okay, there'

prior design range rover body kit

Ancient gods need accessories as well. That's why we've got news from Prior Design for they have given the iconic Range Rover (2002-2005) a makeover. We are talking about nothing more drastic than a simple body kit but that's what Prior do and they do it best. It really is simple – a front bumper, side skirts and a rear bumper. The overall kit does make the Range Rover loose its off-road appeal but since when SUV's have been for dirt roads? Today, it's all about the urban look – a sense o

latest prior mercedes sl black edition

In response to current events (the arrival of the all-new SL), Prior Design are widening their portfolio. This particular program, the PD-BlackEdition Widebody, still concerns the old, face lifted R230 SL. And we have actually seen this before, but lo and behold, a new photo shoot has been made. Not having to do anything with AMG Black series, this PD-Black Edition Widebody kit consists of a multitude of aerodynamic parts which greatly alter the SL's stance. There's a Black Edition front bumpe

prior mercedes-benz cl kit -

Last time we checked, Prior were having some fun with the Mercedes-Benz Roadster SL by sticking their bespoke “Black Edition” body kit on it. Now it is the CL's turn to go under the careful knife of Prior Design. The body kit is suitable for all models of the C216 series. Now, the luxury class coupe is bulky and majestic thanks to a wide body kit that consists of new front mud wings, side skirts, a roof scoop that looks like a mohawk hairpiece and front and rear bumpers. The matte black finish of the car can

prior design porsche cayenne widebody kit

Prior Design have released a new gallery showcasing their latest body kit for the Porsche Cayenne (955) – PD Aerodynamic kit POCAWIDEBODY. It is flamboyant in every way, especially with those flaring wheel arches. The slashes along the kit give it that extra aggressiveness to further establish the customer's road presence. The kit now comes in both black or white. The kit consists of the following: - PD front bumper - PD side skirts - PD rear bumper - PD front widenings - PD rear widenings - Mounting m