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showcasing the mclaren mp4-12c by dmc luxury and pur wheels

Showcasing The McLaren MP4-12C by DMC Luxury and PUR WHEELS

Remember DMC's McLaren Velocita SE? Here it is again with a brand new pair of trainers courtesy of another familiar name – PUR Wheels. Besides a boost in power to 660 hp, The Velocita SE also boasts a fairly modified exterior. Take the flaring carbon fiber body kit for example. Supposedly, DMC set out to replace t

dmc touch up the rolls-royce ghost calling it the imperatore

DMC Touch Up The Rolls-Royce Ghost Calling It The Imperatore

The guys from DMC Luxury have laid their hands on a Rolls-Royce Ghost and have called it the Imperatore. Because of the British icon's remarkable success on the market, DMC claim that it is now beginning to lose its distinctive character. So, there they are offering a helping hand to reclaim special feel again. Imperatore is an appropriate name for a thing of luxury which the Ghost undoubtedly is. They started off with some glue-ons. Scrat

design concept: dmc laferrari fxxr

Design Concept: DMC LaFerrari FXXR

The impressive LaFerrari debuted this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Although the car is only eight months old, this didn’t stop the tuning specialists at DMC to modify it into an even more intimidating hyper exotic road car. The result is the breath-taking DMC LaFerrari FXXR. As a matter of fact, the LaFerrari is produced in only 499 examples and costs $1,700,000 USD. It is powered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine which produces 800 hp (588 kW) at 9,250RPM an 700 Nm (519 lb-ft) at 6,750RPM. Thank

dmc ferrari 458 italia estremo edizione 10/10 revealed

DMC Ferrari 458 Italia ESTREMO Edizione 10/10 Revealed

In the beginning of the week a very special tuning project was teased. We are speaking here about the DMC Ferrari 458 Italia ESTREMO Edizione 10/10. Now the German luxury refiner DMC is proud to officially reveal its new Limited Edition project. In it, the DMC's engineers go the freedom to create the latest high-tec

teaser: dmc ferrari 458 italia estremo edizione 10/10

TEASER: DMC Ferrari 458 Italia ESTREMO Edizione 10/10

The German luxury tuner DMC has just released the firs teaser image of its latest Limited Edition project. In it the designers and engineers at the refining company are again expressing the freedom to use the latest high-tech, without any boundaries. DMC proudly presents the DMC Ferrari 458 Italia ESTREMO Edizione 10/1

dmc lamborghini aventador lp720 50th anniversario by jackson moore

DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP720 50th Anniversario by Jackson Moore

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario Edition was revealed in April and it was designed and built in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous luxury sports car brand. Its design was almost perfect because it lacked something very typical for every sports vehicle – the wing. The unique design of the body of the car definitely “screams” for a wing. The luxury tuners at DMC have a solution for this problem and have

dmc lamborghini aventador lp700 dieci in kuwait

DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP700 DIECI In Kuwait

German Luxury Refiner DMC is probably the best tuning company that is specialized in the modification of Lamborghini supercars. The present project once again shows the premium craftsmanship that the team delivers. The brand have sold so far 50 Aventador tuning kits on average, and now shows something more special - the Special Edition LP700 DIECI. The latter word is an Italian one and means ten. It is not a random name as one might guess. The 10th DMC LP700 Kit will receive a special extra. To be more precis

dmc shows tuned lamborghini aventador lp700-4 roadster sv

DMC Shows Tuned Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster SV

DMC is probably one f the most famous tuning brands that modifies mainly Lamborghinis. For instance one of its initial kits was MV or Molto Veloce which was installed so far on up to 50 V12 Aventadors. Its evolution, the SV or Spezial Version kit is now being on trend and is going to be made only 10 times. The first

dmc shows the maserati gran turismo stradale sovrano

DMC Shows The Maserati Gran Turismo Stradale SOVRANO

DMC is a luxury tuning company and what we have seen so far from it is extremely impressive. Its next project fits in this qualification as well. The specialists have worked on the transformation of the Maserati Gran Turismo and have strengthened the characteristics of the Trident. For this purpose they have created

dmc mclaren hs-12 velocita se in emerald red couture

DMC McLaren HS-12 Velocita SE In Emerald Red Couture

DMC McLaren HS-12 Velocita SE immediately catches the attention. First of all, because it stems from the McLaren family; and secondly, because of its unique Emerald Red Couture exterior. The car was equipped with a special package created by the luxury tuning specialists at DMC. Refiner's components which create a s

dmc transforms ferrari 458 italia spider

DMC Transforms Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

DMC are known for their tunings on Lamborghini. We have seen recently however, that they had a great success on their modification on the F12 Ferrari. Now, their latest work is on the 458 Italia Spider which includes a DMC 458 Performance Package and Forged Rims. The standard power that this Ferrari model produces is estimated at 570 hp (420 kW). This wasn;t enough for the tuners from the German brand, hence they have developed a performance package that makes the car generate 608 hp (447) and 568 Nm (420 lb-ft)

dmc releases images of its third lamborghini aventador lp900 sv spezial version

DMC Releases Images Of Its Third Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV Spezial Version

The German Luxury Tuner DMC introduced on 12th of December their stunning and extreme project - the DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV (Spezial Version). Now, the specialists are aiming even higher, because they are releasing a new SV kit, which comes to build on the sound basis of the previous tuning package. The high-tech manufacturer has transformed the Italian super-sports car with German perfection - dramatic appearance, efficient technol