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2016 smart brabus xclusive: launching and advertisement campaigns

2016 smart BRABUS Xclusive: launching and advertisement campaigns

BRABUS' new smart vehicle got famous for two thing: unique agility and incredible dynamics. Available as smart BRABUS or smart BRABUS Xclusive, the vehicle will also be available in fortwo, cabriolet and forfour variants later this year. And as it seems, BRABUS team decided to go for a advertisement campaign. The team has already launched a video, named "Most Xclusve Test Drive". It showcases how special and different the driving experience is

what happens when you make the fastest and most powerful mercedes-benz gle 63 coupe in the world? here’s the answer!

What Happens When You Make the Fastest and Most Powerful Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 Coupe in the World? Here’s the Answer!

BRABUS Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 Coupe has many things to show, but mainly it can literally brag about being world’s most powerful and fastest SUV. It was revealed last week at the Geneva Motor Show, wearing new shoes specifically tailored for it: the Continental CS6 coming in 23-inches. This was the missing pivotal point that the tuners just had to add. In addition, the GLE has one-off BRABUS appearance with sportier stance, improved power output a

brabus announces mercedes-benz g 500 4x4² project for frankfurt

BRABUS Announces Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² Project for Frankfurt

BRABUS Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² is going to be revealed tomorrow at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It will be shown at BRABUS stand next to the recently announced custom Mercedes-AMG GT S. Just like the AMG GT S, the G 500 features similar improvements: power uprating and various improvements to the exterior and interior. Let’s see what has happened here. Engine Uprating via BRABUS B40 - 500 PowerXtra Performance Kit Mercedes G 500 4x4² is typic

brabus releases a classy styling and performance update for mercedes-amg gt s

BRABUS Releases a Classy Styling and Performance Update for Mercedes-AMG GT S

BRABUS Mercedes-AMG GT S is a very special car, which we will see debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The experts have changed the sports-car thoroughly and have included a significant boost for the AMG engine, some exterior tweaks and more cozy and luxury imbibed cabin. Generally the custom BRABUS vehicles are more likely to be ‘over-tuned’ and with very rugged and pompous styling. This isn’t the case with this Mercedes-AMG GT S. The

brabus reveals 900hp mercedes-maybach s500

BRABUS Reveals 900HP Mercedes-Maybach S500

BRABUS demonstrates its latest gem, that is indeed a Mercedes-Maybach, that produces the stunning 900 hp (662 kW) and 1,500 Nm. The top speed is 350 km/h (215 mph). But this is not all. As every other BRABUS masterpiece, this vehicle also comes with elegant design, luxurious additions and numerous more small tweaks and improvements. Drivetrain System The vehicle comes with a 12-cyliner twin-turbo engine, that produces a total of 530 hp (390 kW), which is sort of not enough for the tuning team, that made somet

brabus demonstrates its latest masterpiece, the 2015 brabus mercedes-benz s500 plug-in hybrid

BRABUS Demonstrates its Latest Masterpiece, the 2015 Brabus Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-in Hybrid

As you know, for more than three decades BRABUS demonstrates confidence, perfection and elegance within its refined work. And now, with the latest BRABUS PowerXtra B50 Hybrid for the Mercedes S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID the tuning brand demonstrates for one more time why it is one of the best on the market today. Drivetrain upgrades The engineer team made an incredible upgrade for the Mercedes model, as it inceases the power of the V6 engine with 52 h

brabus creates the perfect mercedess c-class wagon

Brabus Creates the Perfect Mercedess C-Class Wagon

Power and ellegance are the main attributes for the team at BRABUS. They have created a tuning program, that will turn The C-Class Wagon into one of the best looking and best performing vehicles of the C-class line. The project will bring wide range of opitions and extras, that include aerodynamic program, design addi

meet brabus 850 6.0 biturbo coupe based on mercedes s63

Meet Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Coupe Based on Mercedes S63

Have you ever wondered which is the world’s most powerful all-wheel-drive coupe which is so fast that it could blow away your hat along with your head? Well, this is the Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Coupe based on the Mercedes S 63. Set to make its official appearance at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the two-door car co

police in dubai shows off with brabus 700 widestar [video]

Police in Dubai Shows Off with Brabus 700 Widestar [VIDEO]

Dubai. Police. City chase. Brabus Mercedes-Benz G-Class B63S 700 Widestar. When we combine all of these elements together, we get something truly spectacular. After the introduction of Brabus’ latest project that is based on Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG, catching the bad guy has been taken to another level. This is bec

brabus smart electric drive goes shopping

BRABUS smart electric drive Goes Shopping

You must hurry with the Christmas presents if you haven’t already bought them, because the holidays are coming closer. And if in the city centre there's not a parking space available, then BRABUS have the solution. They know a way around this: first – it has to be a late night shopping, and secondly – it has to be in 2014 BRABUS smart electric drive. We are not speaking mere talks, but this is exactly what happened at the Galleries Lafayette in Berlin, Germany. Whether drawn by reindeer (in the case of San

mercedes-benz s63 amg reworked by brabus

Mercedes-Benz s63 AMG Reworked by Brabus

Mercedes-Benz S63 has caught the attention of German tuner Brabus and has turned into its latest project once again. Along with a speedometer updated to 400 km/h, the new S63 receives an exquisite satin gold exterior finish as well. Starting with the power plant, the S63 AMG by Brabus retains the original twin-turbo V8 5.5-liter engine. This time around it no longer generates 585 HP (430 kW) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft). Thanks to the significant rework by the tuner, now the engine delivers a 850 HP (625 kW) at 5,400

sporty brabus refinments for the c-class with amg line

Sporty BRABUS Refinments for the C-Class with AMG Line

The continuous and tireless work by BRABUS has resulted in some very impressive improvements for Mercedes-Benz C-Class with AMG Line. This time around, the tuning company offers even better sporty and dynamic bodywork upgrades which propel the C-Class models further in their segment. It is a well-known fact th