2021 Saietta AFT 140Some real-world efficiency testings of the Saietta Group's advanced AFT 140 electric motor have demonstrated that the technology can dramatically improve the driving range of lightweight electric vehicles.

The tests included two Renault Twizy demonstration vehicles that were put in a head-to-head comparison experiment on public roads in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The first vehicle was a standard and stock Renault model, and the second one was geared with Saietta AFT 140. Everything else was left original and didn't undergo any aftermarket upgrades or changes.

All tests took place across two days in different road settings, and with different weather, temperature, and traffic conditions. The examination team concluded that the Saietta AFT 140 Twizy showed about 10 percent increased efficiency over the standard Renaut Twizy.

Also, the conclusions point at the great opportunities that the electrified technologies offer for the two-, three-, and four-wheel lightweight vehicles and the flexibility they offer in terms of other drivetrain technologies.

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The AFT 140 is the first liquid-cooled axial flux motor from Saietta that will go into mass production. The unique design ensures some class-leading performance and high torque density at low voltage and efficient urban duty tasks. The motor itself is compact and lightweight and is specially designed to retain a class-leading performance-to-efficiency ratio. The AFT 140 motor in the Twizy vehicle is an in-wheel variant of the AFT technological concept and showcases the full flexibility and modularity of Saietta's motor tech advancements.

Source: Saietta