Larte Design has finally revealed its one-off Tesla Model S at the Top Marques Monaco. There were several teasers before this big event, which gradually delivered hints about the special car. Even the sketch they released two days ago showed that the design of the vehicle will speak for itself. And so it does. Just take a look at the astounding pictures in the gallery below.

There are a lot of details that capture the attention. Such are the new more muscular front bumper and fender vents, the revised grille that is the first thing to see, the corresponding rear bumper and spoilers.

As we already know that these components were made of an innovative material called basalt fiber. It is made from natural lava rock and it is a very strong competition to the popular carbon fiber due to its great characteristics.

First of all it is very light in weight. In fact, the entire kit weighs only 13 kg. It is said that this material is also very tough and durable. Furthermore, the designers made the kit with lightning-like sharp lines to emphasize even further sporty nature of this superb electric vehicle.

The other cool thing about this Tesla is the new driving sound that mimics a real engine. Although there aren't any pictures, the interior of the Model S has been also redesigned.  At last, we should also note those huge multi-spoke forged wheels.

Source: LARTE Design