Larte Design Tesla Model S Teaser We are eagerly waiting to see Larte Design's Tesla Model S, when it debuts at the Top Marques Monaco on 16th of April. The reason for this is that it will have a body work, which is not made from polyurethane or carbon, but from basalt fibers. Well, actually the front and rear aprons will be made of this material and in fact, this contributes for the weight of this kit to be only 13kg.

What does basalt fibers precisely mean? First, it means that they are made of material that is produced from volcanic rock, and some of it is actually millions of years old. Secondly, high smelting temperatures are required for its melting. This however does not impact its good total energy footprint. Thirdly, the result is that the basalt is also ecologically-viable, which resonates perfectly with the spirit of the Tesla.

The volcanic material has other good characteristics. For instance, its pure fibers' high application temperature is between -269 and +650°. This makes it strength-to-weight ratio really great and perfectly suitable for the parts like the bumpers or spoilers. It makes them not only lighter but also stronger.

Compared to the conventional glass fibers, the basalt fibers are less acid-, base- and salt-resistant. In addition, the lava-derived material has a higher compression and shear strength, it has good price and this makes its future really bright. So what's left is to see the car debuting in a week from now. This is when a lot of question will be answered.

Source: Larte Design