At the Top Marques Monaco the Russian tuning company Larte Design will reveal its Enigma. We are speaking about the recently teased Tesla Model S which will also be called with the synonym of "riddle". It is inspired by both Nikola Tesla who still gives rise to many puzzles, and by the car that is the perfect combination of power and eco-friendliness.

With this project the tuner aims to give a new vision of the EV. Judging by the teasers it is obvious that this vehicle will pay tribute to the Master of Lightning. The sharp lines of the car seem to be even sharper and this in turn emphasizes its sporty nature.

Larte Design says that inside the car will be fitted with various luxury features but does not continue with any other details. Large forged wheels accompanied by acoustical element are what will draw the attention. The sound will come from integrated electronic sound module that will also have another purpose: to show-off the 700 hp capability of the electric car.

It was also revealed that the tuning kit will be made of light and strong composite material. Most probably it will be a carbon fiber, but there are rumors for a basalt-fiber reinforced plastic, too. If you wonder about the latter, well it is generated from lava rock and is usually utilized in bullet-proof vests of space technology.

The big reveal of Larte Design Tesla Model S Enigma will happen on 16th of April at Top Marques Monaco.

Source: Larte Design