BMW continues with innovations and this time the company has prepared for us an innovative street lighting with integrated charging station for electric vehicles. It might seem futuristic, but in fact we sincerely hope to see this genius technology applied in the near future. The pilot project is dubbed Light and Charge and was part of the Eurocities conference in Munich. The car company will cooperate with the City of Munich in order to create an infrastructure of public charging stations. The pilot project will begin in the spring of 2015.

The prototype combines the latest LED technology with a usable connection way to charge the high-voltage batteries of the electric vehicles. The technology is integrated in the ChargeNow network of the electric BMW i series. In other words Light and Charge is simple and innovative solution which naturally integrates a reliable network of charging stations in the city.

Another benefit from the Light and Charge street lighting is the energy efficiency as well as the LED module's higher luminous efficiency. In fact, up to four modules are enough to illuminate the lanes of major roads at night. One or two modules provide a pleasant light in the side streets and residential areas.

The used LED technology is similar to this one utilized in vehicle's headlights. This means that it enables a particularly targeting of light rays. The next advantage is that with the development of the Light and Charge system, BMW signals for the future development of a comprehensive network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Light and Charge units have a standard connector for EV's charging cable. The integrated control panel allows the driver to start the charging procedure with just one click. ChargeNow already offers customers of BMW i access to worldwide around 18,000 charging stations.

Source: BMW