One year after making its first public appearance at the 2007 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Aston Martin have confirmed details of a number of enhancements for the company's flagship DBS, including the introduction of a ‘Touchtronic 2' transmission.

A series of additional features to provide customers with even greater personalisation capabilities are also introduced - including a new Bang & Olufsen audio system, the availability of 2+2 seating and a new lightweight wheel option.

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Introduced as an alternative to the standard six-speed manual gearbox, DBS customers will now be afforded the option of the ‘Touchtronic 2' six-speed automatic transmission. Derived from the same ZF transaxle unit that was developed for the DB9, the system has been substantially re-engineered to accommodate the power and performance characteristics of the DBS.

The DBS Touchtronic transmission features a final drive ratio shortened from 3.15:1 to 3.46:1, aiding quicker acceleration times and an improved performance feel. Additionally, changes to the gearbox calibration aid more aggressive gear shifts and greater usability, while retaining the performance potential of the manual gear box – matching the 0-60mph (0-100km/h) time of 4.3 seconds. System functionality is consistent with that on the DB9, with ‘Park', ‘Reverse', ‘Neutral' and ‘Drive' modes selected via facia mounted controls.

When in ‘Drive' mode, pulling either of the leather-trimmed magnesium alloy paddles mounted on the steering column will activate Touchtronic mode, enabling the driver to control gear shifts via the paddles. Touchtronic mode is also accessible directly on engine start-up. Alternatively, the ‘Drive' mode can be selected at any time by pressing the ‘D' control on the centre console, engaging a fully automatic mode which will select the most appropriate gear for the speed and driving conditions automatically.

The system also includes a ‘Sport' mode - activated by a button on the centre console – which engages a more aggressive gear shift strategy as gear changes feel sharper and more forceful, engine speed matching on downshifts is more aggressive and in full automatic mode, upshifts occur at higher speeds. The Sport setting also incorporates a more responsive throttle map to match the high-performance characteristics of the DBS.

Bang & Olufsen Audio

The DBS will now also benefit from the installation of a new Bang & Olufsen BeoSound system – developed specifically for the DBS – as standard equipment. The BeoSound DBS system produces a total power output of 1000w, delivering the sound image through a total of 13 channels across 10 speaker locations. Adopting new speaker grille designs throughout the car and acoustic lenses which rise out of the facia, the system offers customers an unrivalled audio experience.

Enhanced Option Range

After evaluating customer feedback the DBS will now also be offered with an optional 2+2 seating configuration, where the rear storage areas are replaced with two seats. A 2+0 arrangement – where two storage areas populate the rear environment – remains standard.

Also introduced to the DBS is the option of a new ten-spoke 20'' forged aluminium wheel with diamond-turned surface – available in either silver or graphite finishes. The optional wheel delivers a total unsprung mass reduction of 8kg versus the standard cast wheel, aiding enhanced handling and improved acceleration and braking performance.

The Aston Martin DBS is a 6.0-litre V12 powered, race-bred, two-seater shaped by the aerodynamic demands of high performance, with an exquisite interior that marries beautifully hand-finished materials with the very latest in performance technology.

A combination of elegant design, innovative manufacturing processes, race-derived materials and components and Aston Martin's unrivalled hand-build expertise makes the DBS a luxury sports car without equal. Every line, crease and curve conveys the enormous potential of the DBS, a seductive blend of refinement and raw power, provided by the hand-built V12 producing 380 kW (510 bhp/517 PS) and a top speed of 191mph (307km/h).

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez said: "The DBS is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin's engineering and technical ability. It offers pure performance without compromise".

The DBS is built at Aston Martin's global headquarters at Gaydon, near Warwickshire in the UK and almost 300 examples have now been built and delivered to customers around the world since production began at the end of 2007.

Prices for the DBS start at ?162,500 ($269,000) for the six-speed manual and ?165,500 ($273,000) for the Touchtronic.