Toyota FCV-R Concept - Front AngleAt the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show Toyota will premiere its new Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle Concept with the aim to offer one of the best solutions to the challenges of energy sources and emissions. In these terms the hydrogen is the ideal and ultra-clean fuel.

Another goal that the brand has achieved with this model is to offer a driving range and performance comparable to conventional petrol and diesel engines. The advantage here however is that there is no harmful tailpipe emissions.

In the vehicle has been utilized Hybrid Synergy Drive technology which is also used in the famous Prius and other full hybrid production models. At first the Toyota FCV-R Concept was unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Now the brand continues to make progress towards its planned introduction of an affordable FCHV saloon model by 2015.

The FCV-R concept is 4,745mm long, 1,510mm high and 1,790mm wide. It achieves a maximum driving range of about 420 miles and doesn't produce any emissions. The only by-product of the hydrogen fuel cell is water vapour. The twin fuel tanks and the fuel cell stack are positioned beneath the floor. This of course results in no impact on the cabin and load space.

Toyota FCV-R Concept

Toyota aims that its FCHVs will be in a mass-market production during the 2020s. In addition, this commercialization will be supported by the wider roll-out of fuel cell vehicle technology as well as the development of hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

The fuel cell which is going to be utilized in Toyota's production FCHV achieves the world's highest power output density at 3kW per litre. In addition, it also delivers improved range of the vehicle from about 205 miles to more than 350 miles. What is more, the fuel cell has a greater operating range, with the help of materials in its construction making cold start possible at temperatures around -30°C.

Toyota's FCHV has currently a price around US $108 367, however the brand is planning to significantly reduce the cost and make it more affordable.

Source: Toyota