2020 Aston Martin DBZ GT ZagatoAston Martin has delivered a further glimpse of the final production intent exterior of the upcoming DBS GT Zagato lineup. Paired with DB4 GT Zagato Continuation to complete the DBZ Centenary Collection, which will be comprised of mere 19 vehicles, the latest family members present a new approach towards aesthetics and design, all along with remarkable new technologies.

Taking the acclaimed DBS Superleggera as a starting point, DBS GT Zagato embodies the next trend in the entire Aston Martin lineup. Inspired by the elegant curves and lines of the original DB4 GT Zagato, brand designers and engineers have worked passionately in order to conjure a fresh new look, but also to retain this classic and beloved AM expression.

2020 Aston Martin DBZ GT Zagato

With its luxurious ambience and overall premium expression, DBS GT Zagato comes with a newly created and sexy dynamic grille, which allows vehicle's frontal area to transform its appearance. When stationary, the 108-individual diamond-shaped carbon-fiber pieces remain flush with car's beautiful exterior, while, at the same time, upon start-up, DBS GT Zagato will appear to flutter into life, as if each piece opens to allow vehicle's massive V12 to breathe.

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While the front-end is doing its thing, the rest of the body showcases an agile expression and overall aggressive and sporty stance. The final design reveals a single piece carbon-fiber cover for the rear widescreen and a single-piece straightforward roofline without any compromises on practicality to the driver and passengers.

DBS GT Zagat is set for production in 2020, joining each of the 19 DB4 GT Zagato vehicles set to be created at Aston Martin Works this year.

2020 Aston Martin DBZ GT Zagato

Aston Martin DBZ GT Zagato (2020) - picture 1 of 3
Aston Martin DBZ GT Zagato (2020) - picture 2 of 3
Aston Martin DBZ GT Zagato (2020) - picture 3 of 3

Source: Aston Martin