Arden developed a supercharger kit for Range Rover V8 supercharged engines, easy to be installed in every qualified workshop. The extensive development and testing resulted in a high-end supercharger with a gain approx of 80hp (59kW) and 100Nm torque.  Aside of the improved throttle response there is great power throughout the whole rpm- range. There is a big torque increase in the low rpm which helps with every acceleration and overtaking on the streets.

Design and quality of the Arden twin screw supercharger meet the requirements of any motorsport part. Arden Range Rover Supercharger Kits are ready for installation, they can be mounted in any qualified workshop. This was one of our main goals in development. On Range Rover models the installation can be done without removing the engine. Our supercharger kits are available for Ranger Rover LM and Ranger Rover Sport with 4.2 liter supercharged engines.

Arden Supercharger kit

The supercharger kit includes the Arden Supercharger, a special programmed ECU, Arden Air Intake Ducts and all necessary mounting materials including seals and screws. Furthermore there is an Arden high-end exhaust included with sport catalytic converters.

The price excluding installation is at € 19.500,00 excl. VAT.

Arden Supercharger kit exhaust system