2016 Renault MeganeWith distinctive looks and well-calculated proportions, the 2016 Megane adopts brand's DNA and continues the nice car-nice price affair. And as a close relative to the Talisman, the Megane also includes a specific signature. For example, the vehicle comes with C-shaped headlamps, redesigned bumpers and increased width. And the additional chromed elements, along with the enhanced body lines really enhance the elegant, yet muscular stance of the vehicle.

2016 Renault Megane

And as we talk about width, it reminds me that the car is now with 47mm wider in front and with 39 mm wider at the rear, compared to the Megane 3. Furthermore, the 2016 Megane is especially designed to bring that sporty feel with its wheelbase which is now with 28mm longer and shorter overhang. Definitely Renault team went for that comfortable ride, but with some hidden sporty features. After all, we all want to experience some adrenaline rush, right?

The exclusive Megane GT

2016 Renault Megane GT

The GT model comes with a redesigned front bumper and some additional tweaks like restyled broader air intaker and a special grille design. All these changes, along with numerous more really contribute to that massive and muscular personality. How cool is that?

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And at the rear the vehicle proudly demonstrates its frame spoiler, inspired by the world of F1, the two chromed pipes and the overall sporty design.

Furthermore, the GT model will be available with special "Iron Blue" paintjob, along with "Dark Metal" influences here and there, just to emphasise one more time its affinity to the world of sport. And of course, the bold 18-inch aluminum wheels are especially created to fit not only the paintjob, but the whole spirit of the vehicle.

So, at the end we must say that the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will be the place where everything about the latest Megane will be revealed. And if you don't have the chance to go directly to the show, count on us for delivering you the freshest news from the motorsport world.

Renault Megane (2016) - picture 1 of 4
Renault Megane (2016) - picture 2 of 4
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Renault Megane GT (2016) - picture 1 of 4
Renault Megane GT (2016) - picture 2 of 4
Renault Megane GT (2016) - picture 3 of 4
Renault Megane GT (2016) - picture 4 of 4

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