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RUF News

The German tuning specialists RUF are ready with their new model called Rt 12 R – based on the latest Porsche 911. The car is exhibited in Geneva and will definitely catch the attention of the audience. The car is simply brutal – 3.8 liter twin-turbo boxer with staggering 730PS (537 kW) and 940Nm (693 lb-ft). The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. All the power is sent to the road through AWD system and there is an optional RWD setting. 0 to 100 km/h is not available, but the

RUF Roadster is the latest creation that comes directly from the garrage of the renowned Porsche aftermarket expert RUF. The newly presented sporty ride draws its inspiration from the 1967 Porsche 911 Targa and sports an integrated roll cage for exclusive levels of on-board safety. Benefiting from an extremely interesting conception, the RUF Roadster spotlights a two-piece removable roof and flexible plastic rear window, which can be folded. Thanks to these removable/foldable components, the rid

ruf stormster - the very first electric suv

RUF Automobile GmbH is presenting the Stormster, the very first electric SUV based on the renowned Porsche Cayenne.After the release of its first electric sports car - the eRUF - in October 2008, and its inheritor - the eRUF Greenster - in March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show, RUF is now showcasing its third electric vehicle. The newcomer is powered by a Siemens electric unit, which is capable to produce 270 kW (367 bhp), same as the one fitted in the eRUF sports car. The total weight of the electric Cayenne Stor

Porsche Cayenne Diesel is the name of the latest RUF - Power affected vehicle. The Ruf Automobile specialist have developed two engine modifications for the Cayenne Diesel. The first modification increases the numbers of the Serial 3,0 l Turbo-Diesel from 176 kW (240 hp) to about 212 kW (288 hp) and the torque climbs about 60 Nm up to max. 560 Nm. The price for this conversion is 3.048 Euro plus VAT. The second modification takes the Cayenne numbers to about 228 kW (310 hp) and the max. to

The new dimension of driving pleasure is the RUF Rt 12 S. This high performance sports car connects high end performance with complete road capability.The refined biturbo boxer engine with 504 kW (685 hp) develops a maximal torque of 880 Nm and even satisfies highest demands. The roll cage which is integrated in the ceiling has been developed by RUF and belongs to the standard equipment of the Rt 12 S.The new RUF sets a new course with the dynamic design of the front with separate LED alterna

The High Luxury SUV built by RUF is named Dakara and is based on the Porsche Cayenne. The exterior and interior is able to embrace the most ambitious wishes. Because of the 911-headlights, the Dakara affects like a sports car. Four 22 inch- five spoke wheels and the broadened fenders demonstrate pure power. The bodykit fits to every Cayenne. Cameras in the front and in the back of the Dakara cater for the panorama view. The interior room is affected by complex processed leather trim which do

The research organization of Siemens (Corporate Technology) is working intensively on the topic of electro mobility, which could become part of its environment portfolio, with 19 billion Euros already contributing a mere 25% of total revenue. The demands made on the electric vehicle and the design of the power network infrastructure play a decisive role. Topics being investigated include, among others, energy generation and distribution, traffic and energy management, smart metering, power elect

Exactly 20 years after the legendary CTR “Yellow Bird” and 10 years after the second CTR, RUF announces the all new CTR3. The RUF Porsche CTR3 was presented at the grand opening of the new RUF facility in Bahrain. While the first two CTR generations still had their engines in the rear, the new CTR3 has a mid engine design. However, one thing that the CTR3 has in common with its two predecessors is that it is a pure driving machine. The CTR3 is made to involve the driver in the driving experi