RUF Automobile GmbH is presenting the Stormster, the very first electric SUV based on the renowned Porsche Cayenne.After the release of its first electric sports car - the eRUF - in October 2008, and its inheritor - the eRUF Greenster - in March 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show, RUF is now showcasing its third electric vehicle.

The newcomer is powered by a Siemens electric unit, which is capable to produce 270 kW (367 bhp), same as the one fitted in the eRUF sports car. The total weight of the electric Cayenne Stormster is 2,670 kg which catapults the SUV from zero to 100 km/h in only 10 seconds. The V-max is 150 km/h, and the silent machine is able to reach a range of 200 km at one charge using a special lithium ion accumulators developed by Li-Tec Battery GmbH. A classic 5-spoke lightweight alloys wrapped in Hankook winter tyres with size 295/30 R 22 ensures the best possible road grip.

The official public debut of the all-electric Stormster will be held at the European Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 7th to 18th.

RUF Stormster Porsche Cayenne, 1 of 5
RUF Stormster Porsche Cayenne, 2 of 5
RUF Stormster Porsche Cayenne, 3 of 5
RUF Stormster Porsche Cayenne, 4 of 5
RUF Stormster Porsche Cayenne, 5 of 5