how to make your old e-class look like a nissan gt-r? piecha design answers!

How to make your old E-Class look like a Nissan GT-R? Piecha Design answers!

Piecha Design releases GT-R aerodynamic set for the Mercedes-AMG E-Class W212 We are announcing Piecha Design for tuner of the month, because of its unstoppable projects that keep coming to us. More importantly they are all great and rather unusual, and we are more than happy to share them with you! After making a modern variant of the iconic SL Roadster (link below), the designers are ready to introduce something rather special and a litt

how to make your 15 year old mercedes sl roadster look modern

How to make your 15 year old Mercedes SL Roadster look modern

Piecha Design offers state-of-the-art looks for the roadster Mercedes-Benz SL R230 Roadster was introduced 15 years ago. Back then no one could ever imagine that this model would become a timeless car classic. Well, if you take a look at it, it might seem a little bit outdated, however, in terms of performance it might take a lot cars down. So, what happens if you are an owner of SL R230 roadster, you love classics, but still wish to look co

if this mercedes-amg gt s could only happen…

If this Mercedes-AMG GT S could only happen…

Piecha Design reveals first couple of renderings of the customized AMG GT S Remember when we showed you the first sketch of Piecha Design’s Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S? Well, it is now time for the project to be fully revealed! Behold, for it is something entirely unexpected… Leaving jokes aside, this car actually looks pretty good, given the fact that Marcus Piecha and his team told us initially that we should not expect an entirely new design. Their aim was to highlight the beautiful character of the Merce

jaguar and piecha team up for the release of very special f-type cabrio

Jaguar and Piecha team up for the release of very special F-Type Cabrio

Jaguar F-Type Cabrio is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roadsters out there. As are Jaguar cars in general. And this is probably the reason why we are not seeing many tunings on it, because to change its shape would be equal to sacrilege. However, accentuating it through stylish elements might be a great idea if one wants a little more individuality to their Jag. For this purpose there are tuning brands like Piecha design, which have spe

this is how the mercedes-amg gt s could look, if …

This is how the Mercedes-AMG GT S could look, if …

This great sketch of a unique Mercedes-AMG GT S has been designed by Marcus PIECHA himself. It is his vision of how the AMG GT S could look in the best possible way and it is currently in a “preparation” form. Although the tuning studio says that it is just a teaser, we are absolutely sure that this vehicle is abou

mercedes-benz slc has never looked better and there is just one reason for this

Mercedes-Benz SLC has never looked better and there is just one reason for this

The Mercedes SLK is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary. But this isn’t the reason why the emblematic small roadster is looking so incredibly good. Here’s the secret: to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the model, the tuning studio Piecha Design have created a brand new styling kit with exclusive design components. The third generation (R172) is being called SLC from this year, but it doesn’t include any significant differences

prior-design ferrari 458 italia

Prior-Design Ferrari 458 Italia "WOWs" at Top Marques Monaco

Prior-Design Ferrari 458 Italia is a car to admire. It was specifically created to catch the attention of the visitors at Top Marques Monaco. And under the expertise of Prior-Design specialists I am sure it will definitely do so. As a matter of fact, this is the standout member of the tuning company’s “Monaco-Line-up”, shining strong in its new aero body kit. Custom Exterior This beautiful mat grey Ferrari features a number of exterior ch

piecha design recreates jaguar f-type r coupe

PIECHA Design Recreates Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

PIECHA Jaguar F-Type R Coupe is another fantastic tuning created by the talented specialists at the PIECHA Design studio. This tailor made performance edition of the F-Type 5.0 V8 R-Coupe looks fantastic and exudes an elegant dynamism, even at rest. To achieve this, the tuner has added new aerodynamic styling kit made from the finest high-gloss carbon. In addition, 21-inch PIECHA MP-Y alloys in high-gloss silver finish round out the new visual appearance of the Jaguar. Exterior Jaguar F-Type R Coupe has a