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Spearhead technology gives Volvo's new Euro 5 diesel top performance and record-low fuel consumption

Volvo Cars is now introducing an entirely new 2.4-litre 5-cylinder diesel engine in the Volvo S80. It is in principle just the D5 badge and the five-cylinder configuration that it shares with the previous generation. The new engine is certified according to Euro 5 and is significantly more efficient that its predecessor. With high-tech solutions such as sequential twin turbochargers, ceramic glow-plugs and piezoelectric fuel injectors, Volvo's

Ford Answers Customer RequestsFor Better Vehicle Visibility

Maneuvering through crowded mall traffic is a challenge on a good day. It is even less fun when it comes time to back out of the parking spot it took you so long to find. Ford Motor Company is answering consumer requests for more visibility around their vehicles. Ford plans to continue its aggressive technology onsl

venturi automobiles: year 2008

Venturi Automobiles: year 2008

All year round we worked hard to develop the most efficient electric cars in the world, but also the "zero emission" urban vehicles adapted to the evolution wished by cities which become often too much polluted to insure the air quality needed for life. And so we presented in March 2008 the electric Citroën Berlingo “Powered by Venturi” as a result of a strong collaboration between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Venturi. This vehicle is now in final of a tender from La Poste (French Post Office) reg

Lexus To Launch All New Hybrid Vehicle

Lexus will reveal an all-new hybrid production model at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 11, 2009. The dedicated hybrid sedan, the HS 250h, will feature a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain and will become the fourth hybrid vehicle in the Lexus model line-up. Lexus is the only luxury vehicle manufacturer to offer a range of hybrid vehicles to consumers, including the RX 400h hybrid SUV, the GS 450h hybrid sedan and the LS 600hL hybrid saloon. Lexus Chief E

Hyundai Develops Own Six-Speed Automatic for Improved Fuel Efficiency

To help meet its goals of improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions of its vehicles, Hyundai Motor Company has completed the development of an all-new 6-speed automatic transaxle that will boost fuel economy by more than 12.2 percent. Designed for transverse engine applications in passenger cars and SUVs, the new compact transaxle puts Hyundai into an elite class of auto manufacturers who have designed their own proprietary 6–spe

Volvo Cars maps driver behaviour in advanced research project

About 100 Volvo V70 and XC70 cars, equipped with cameras and computers are included in a huge European field test project. All to monitor the driver's behaviour in order to gain more knowledge about how we react as human beings in complex traffic situations. The research project is part of the EU-project called EuroFOT (Field Operational Tests) where Volvo Cars, other actors from the automotive industry and SAFER at Chalmers University of Technol

Ford Galaxy And S-Max: No.1 For Reliability According To DEKRA

Ford of Europe's latest generation of Multi-Activity Vehicles have convinced the German vehicle testing agency DEKRA e.V.  In DEKRA's latest 'Failure Report 2009', the Ford Galaxy and S-MAX models not only prove their reliability by winning in their group with up to 50,000 km mileage, but gain additional recognition for being vehicles with the lowest overall failure rate in the DEKRA vehicle certificate tests in Germany. The impressive results sh

Honda Civic Hybrid Makes Hollywood Film Debut

Honda's low-emission Civic Hybrid stars alongside Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood event blockbuster 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', which opened in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on 12 December. Six of the fuel efficient hybrids were supplied for the movie, which was shot in Vancouver, Canada with two of the cars requiring cutting open to assist filming. To celebrate the release of the film, Honda is running a competition to win a VIP trip to Hollywood. Anyone who visits a Honda dealership and takes a test

911 Carrera Saving Fuel all the Way: Just 6.7 Litres/100 Kilometres

Porsche sports cars embark on record-breaking test drives time and again – but this time the purpose of the test was quite different: Driving a regular 345 bhp Porsche 911 Carrera with Porsche’s PDK Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, the car tester, ex-racing driver and presenter of the n-tv Motor magazine Klaus Niedzwiedz covered 648 kilometres or exactly 400 miles on public roads, achieving extremely low average fuel consumption of just 6.7 litre

pininfarina b0 (b zero) guest of honour at dream

Pininfarina B0 (B Zero) guest of honour at Dream

The Pininfarina-Bolloré electric car in the spotlight for a whole weekend during the exhibition dedicated by TWDC to the car of the future.The Pininfarina B° is to be the undisputed queen of the Dream show for two whole days. On Saturday December 13 and Sunday December 14, the exhibition dedicated to dream cars and the concept cars of the 1950s will host the electric car concept which Pininfarina is developing in a joint venture with the French group Bolloré. This will be the first appearance in Italy of the projec

Volvo Cars' whiplash system WHIPS celebrates 10 years

Whiplash injuries are among the most common of all traffic injuries. Volvo Cars was one of the earliest manufacturers to introduce proper protection aimed at reducing the risk of whiplash. Volvo's highly effective system, WHIPS, which halves the risk of long-term after-effects, is now celebrating ten years in operation