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New Multiair Technology: More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions

  Already a world leader in advanced diesel engine technology, Fiat Group has just launched MultiAir, a fundamental breakthrough in petrol engine design that will dramatically cut fuel consumption, as well as significantly boosting power and torque, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by between 10 and 25 per cent, and up to a 60 per cent reduction in other engine pollutants. With two generations of common rail direct injection diesel

protoscar sa unveiled lampo at the geneva motor show

Protoscar SA unveiled LAMPO at the Geneva Motor Show

Protoscar SA unveiled LAMPO - a full size sport cabriolet - at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 . LAMPO is powered by two BRUSA electric motors (one rear and one front), optimized for maximizing acceleration and regenerative braking respectively. They deliver a total output of 268 HP and a torque of over 440 Nm. The lightwei

the nlv quant – by koenigsegg

The NLV Quant – By Koenigsegg

Swedish supercar marque Koenigsegg and NLV Solar AG, a pioneer in photovoltaics and accumulator technology, have joined forces to create the Quant. The brainchild of this marriage of power and energy is a four-seater solar electric car. A full-scale model is to be unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Salon, with the two companies currently working on running prototypes to scale up for series production. Two companies, one vision The project was born when NLV Solar AG commissioned the environmentally

Fisker Plug-in Hybrids Debut in Europe at Geneva Motor Show

Designed and developed by auto industry veterans Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler, the Fisker Karma proves environmentally friendly cars do not have to sacrifice performance, style or function. Before partnering to start Fisker Automotive in 2007, Mr. Fisker was head of design at Aston Martin, while Koehler directed

Mazda3 + i-stop Green Technology for the new Mazda3

The Mazda stand at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is greener than ever before. One way Mazda achieved this is to develop unique idle-stop technology that shuts down the engine when stopped in traffic jams and similar situations as a way to reduce fuel consumption. The Mazda3 will be powered by the MZR 2.0L DISI engi

Chevrolet extends LPG portfolio throughout Europe

Geneva – In 2009, Chevrolet will further expand its LPG product range throughout Europe. Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain will offer LPG-versions in addition to the regular gasoline and diesel range. It is Chevrolet’s strategy to offer LPG versions for its entire product line-up. This will include the brand-new Chevrolet Cruze, which will hit the European dealer showrooms in May 2009. An LPG version of the Cruze will be launched shortly after the l

Mitsubishi and PSA: one step further towards electric vehicles for Europe

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and PSA Peugeot Citroen announced today that both companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding collaboration on electric vehicles based on a vehicle currently under development by MMC in Japan. In June 2008, both companies started a feasibility study of the development, manufacture and use of an electric powertrain for small urban vehicles. The companies have now reached an understanding

Nissan Interaction Design Team Suffers to Make Future Cars Simple and Painless

It is almost painful to watch Nissan designer Naoki Yamamoto get out of a test car. To understand the challenges aging drivers face, the 39-year-old interaction specialist is encased in a proprietary "aging suit" that gives him the mobility and faculties of a driver twice his age. "Sure, it's uncomfortable," Yamamoto says, "but to really understand a problem you have to feel it in your bones." At an "Interaction Design Workshop" today at the N

Lotus Reveals Flex-Fuel Engine Concept

Lotus Engineering, the world-renowned automotive consultancy division of Lotus Cars Limited, unveils its latest research into engine efficiency at the 79th International Geneva Motor Show. The Omnivore engine concept has the potential to significantly increase fuel efficiency for sustainable alcohol based fuels, which increases the prospect of a greater amount of vehicle miles travelled using renewable fuels. On display will be the single cylinder research engine monoblock that demonstrates the

Over 500 kg of recyclates in new Golf

Volkswagen commissioned an audit into the use of secondary raw materials known as recyclates in the new Golf. The investigation showed that 527 kg of secondary raw materials, or over 40 percent of the vehicle weight, are used in the new Golf, thus conserving resources. As a result, the new Golf not only excels with its efficient TSI and common rail engines, but also through the use of environmentally-friendly materials. This is the first time that an audit into the use of recyclates in a complet

Nissan Starts Vehicle Testing of New Fuel-cell Technology

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it has started testing a vehicle with a next-generation fuel-cell stack. Announced in August, the new fuel cell unit is 25% smaller than the previous model and provides 1.4 times the power output, 130Kw against 90kw before. With half the amount of platinum in its electrode

Toyota Goes Genuinely Hands-Free

Toyota drivers can enjoy safer mobile phone communication on the road with the new Toyota Genuine BluetoothTM* hands-free kit. Toyota's new hands-free kit connects wirelessly to BluetoothTM-enabled mobile phones so drivers can have phone conversations conveniently and without breaking the road rules. Across Australia, police actively target illegal mobile phone use with penalties of fines and demerit points for offenders. It should be noted that it is illegal for Learner and Provisional 1