WOLF has been attending to the brand with the blue emblem for 30 years as the most competent partner for sophisticated tuning, and it has accumulated an enormous wealth of experience during that time. WOLF's involvement in racing since 1977 has played a big part in that.

Who doesn't remember the feared Cosworth RS 500 versions of the Ford Sierra - lovingly called "Cossie" by its fans - with which WOLF RACING stirred up the DTM ... and won? WOLF also caused a sensation in rally racing - Group N. And WOLF is still involved in racing today. All of the experience gathered from that flows into its street tuning program. Drivers of the current Ford Focus ST also benefit from that.

The car is entirely in the tradition of the sporty Ford models, like the broad-backed Escort RS 2000, the Escort Turbo, the Sierra Cosworth or the Focus RS. The ST is a strong model, but like all of the modern cars, the ST has also added a bit of "flab" - it's a compromise suitable for everyday use. Not so with WOLF. With its racing experience, WOLF turns the ST into an uncompromising sports car, a true heir to the famous Cosworths.

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WOLF coaxes up to 300 bhp out of the 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine. That version is reserved for export customers. For the time being, German customers only get the 275 bhp Focus, but it is also more than just a toy. WOLF pulls out all the stops and allows for a comprehensive, well thought-out modification based on decades of experience in the racing and engine-tuning sector. And to the benefit of demanding Focus drivers. With the Focus ST from WOLF, the driver gets a legitimate successor to the sporty Ford RS and Cosworth models. And, of course, a significant improvement in terms of acceleration and flexibility.

For both power classes, WOLF also optimizes the control device, thereby generating additional power in all of the essential engine maps. At the same time, WOLF completely revises the turbo charger in terms of the turbines and the exhaust. In addition, the Neuenstein-based tuner modifies the injection nozzles. Professional tuning means that all necessary steps have to be undertaken when increasing power so that the power-enhanced engine does not die as the result of overheating. Consequently, WOLF also revises the water circulation system so that the cooling system matches the increased power. That way, the customer can rest assured that he will be able to enjoy the increased power for a long time.

The price for the 300 bhp overhaul is 3,950 euros. For the 275 bhp version, the price is 2,740 euros. The more powerful version shines with a maximum torque of around 400 Nm achieved already with roughly 2,100 RPM. The maximum torque of 360 Nm for the 275 bhp Focus is achieved already with 2,000 RPM. In terms of revs, that's between 30 and 64 Nm more than with the standard version!

In addition, WOLF naturally offers the obligatory modifications to the Focus's interior and exterior appearance. The tuner gives the ST a rear spoiler lip for 195 euros and a C column lining for the price of 185 euros. The Ford specialist adds WOLF footrests (98 euros) and a pedal set made of aluminum (95 euros) to the interior. A handbrake handle made of the same material can be added to that for 85 euros.

The Focus ST will hug the curves better with a WOLF 35-mm lowered suspension (price: 168 euros). When you add the company's own complete wheel set "No. 1 Evo" in 8x19 inch with 235/35-19 Pirelli tires (or optionally with 8x18 inch wheels with 225/20-18 tires; wheel set price available on request), the result is such a sporty look that you have to ask yourself why Ford doesn't have the Focus ST come off the production line looking like that in the first place.