Volkswagen's 2005 model offensive is maintaining its impressive momentum as the new VW Fox and new VW Polo make their international debuts. Following the Jetta in the USA, the Golf Plus, and the new Passat, two more models are now set to be unveiled. The 15th AMI Leipzig (2-10 April 2005) will also be the venue for the first appearances of the VW Passat und VW Golf Plus at a German motor show.

Both debuting models will be unveiled at the press conference on 1 April 2005 at 9:00 am on the Volkswagen stand in Hall 1.

2005 VW Fox

The Fox makes no compromises. It is the maximum vehicle for the minimum money - with two doors, a large tailgate, and masses of space. It is a fully-fledged car in every way, despite a frugally calculated price. The VW Fox has superior running gear with the option of ESP. ABS is part of the standard specification. Its galvanised and laser-welded body combines functionality with high build quality. And prices for the Fox start at under 10 000 euros. Volkswagen will start taking orders for the Fox shortly after the AMI Leipzig opens and its launch will begin in late April.

The VW Fox interior is designed for clear operating logic and optimum benefit for the user. It is based on a four-seat configuration and offers excellent space both in the front and rear. The VW Fox comes with an optional adjustable rear seat, which can be moved lengthways by up to 15 centimetres and has a two-section backrest divided in the middle. Depending on the configuration, boot capacity varies between 260 and 1 016 litres. Three engines are available for the Fox: two petrol engines and one turbodiesel (TDI). The two petrol engines have an output of between 40 kW (55 PS) and 55 kW (75 PS). The TDI develops 51 kW (70 PS).

2005 VW Fox Rear

The latest generation of the Polo, a grown-up, but still youthful all-rounder, will continue to set the standard for its class. For years its has it successfully set itself apart from its competitors in reader surveys and in new car registration figures. The Polo has retained its likeable looks. Despite improved comfort and safety equipment, it is priced at the same level as its predecessor. The 1.2 litre 40 kW (55 PS) petrol engine Polo costs 11 250 euros, the 51 kW (70 PS) TDI base model starts at 13 485 euros, which actually places it at a lower price than the predecessor model with the equivalent engine. The new Polo will be launched in Germany and the major European markets in late April.

The Golf Plus, while unmistakeably part of the Golf family, offers completely new dimensions and has its own absolutely distinctive character. The body and interior are completely new developments and have been tailored to customer needs. Highlighting the practical benefits for customer are "Plus" features such as variability and functionality in the interior with substantially more space for rear passengers and an adjustable rear seat with 16 centimetres travel, outstanding seat ergonomics, and up to 43 stowage features.

The new Passat was developed with a focus on emotional quality and pleasure in technical content. It redefines technology competence for the mid-class car. The design of the new Passat represents the greatest evolutionary leap since the creation of the series.

2005 VW Fox Interior

It features a seemingly unending list of innovations from a completely new running gear with a noise-reduced four-link rear suspension or ESP with trailer stabilisation, new brakes with disc drying, a button-operated electromechanical parking brake, the new starting and locking system, through to automatic distance control or the new Bluetooth telephone system and more...

Volkswagen is also showing the way with the presentation of natural gas powered studies of the Touran und Caddy. These vehicles are already at an advanced development level and show Volkswagen's competence in alternative drive technologies. Both studies are fitted with a quasi-monovalent engine concept. That means that the engine is optimised for operation with natural gas, but can run on petrol if the nearest natural gas fuel station is too far to reach. The Caddy is equipped with a natural gas tank holding 28 kilograms, which gives it a range of 450 kilometres. The Touran covers approx. 300 kilometres on its 20 kilograms of natural gas.