Volkswagen ID. BUZZ ADIn black and white camouflage and with neat roof structures, the new self-driving Volkswagen machine goes fully electric. Indeed, the ID.BUZZ AD will be deployed in commercial mobility services like MOIA in 2025.

Argo AI, the global autonomous driving technology company is developing the self-driving mechanism of the vehicle and also includes all kinds of hardware, software, and cloud-support infrastructure for the ID. BUZZ AD.

Also, the Argo team is actively testing many urban areas and all the ID. BUZZ AD prototypes. The Argo self-driving system comes with sensors, software, and computer platforms that altogether ensure a 360-degree awareness of the vehicle's movement, prediction of other drivers and moving objects, accelerating, braking, and more.

Furthermore, Argo's patented Geiger-mode technology is especially helpful when it comes to detecting even the smallest particles of light and therefore detects the black object even in the darkest of environment.

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While VW and Argo are developing the autonomous vehicle and its system, MOIA becomes the third component for autonomous mobility service. In 2025 MOIA is expected to become Europe's largest all-electric ride pooling service provider. In fact, MOIA will also be the first user of the new ID.BUZZ AD lineup.