2022 Volkswagen Golf GTIVolkswagen of America announces that the 2021 Golf GTI has earned Good Housekeeping's "Best Hatchback" award in the "Best New Family Cars" competition. Working with experts from Car and Driver, the Good Housekeeping team has managed to evaluate hundreds of vehicles, test drive them and narrow down the list to only the most advanced and reliable ones.

Furthermore, the Good Housekeeping team has worked with Car and Driver's automobile experts in order to handpick the most advanced participant as the winner. Both teams have taken safety, road behavior, and technology into account when evaluating the participating vehicles.

After all exams were over, Good Housekeeping named the 2021 Golf GTI "a fun-to-drive car that's responsive and athletic, a nimble hatchback that has good cargo space for its size," and noting that the new 2022 model is expected to deliver "even more power and sleekness than previous models on an already attractive build."

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The hatch managed to stand out from the crowd thanks to its advanced technology, refined drivetrain system, elegant styling, and overall fun-to-drive character. Also, for the new model year, the vehicle offers some new technologies and design changes that managed to impress the jury. Such for example is the seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox with Tiptronic strats.

Further details will be announced soon.