2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 GTIGolf GTI is considered an icon all around the world. And there's a fine reason for that – this best-selling model has been changing the motorsport world since its launch 45 years ago. Now, Volkswagen launches its eighth Golf GTI generation and tries to make it the most digital of all previous versions. Additionally, engineers have added new gadgets and technical solutions, so there's a lot to be reviewed! Let's hop in!

Exterior design

2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI

As expected, the body language embodies every aspect of the Golf GTI DNA. The vehicle showcases a clean and minimalistic design with numerous straight lines and flat surfaces. As it seems, along with making it technologically advanced, the Volkswagen team has aimed a futuristic aesthetics. Engineers have achieved this result via incorporating a clean and aggressive front face, accompanied by sexy wheels and a tight and expressive rear-end.

Furthermore, the design adopts a LED strip in the headlights mirrors in the red line, which runs across the front of the vehicle when the daytime running lights are activated, or when the driver approaches with the key. Another instantly recognizable feature is the large and single-peace honeycomb grille. The optional foglights are now in the form of X and integrated into the grille. Neat!

The mentioned wheels are 17-inch Richmond aluminum-alloys and can also be specified in an 18-inch variant set. Furthermore, there are also different designs that are available in 17-, 18-, and 19-inch sizes. These all are accompanied by sexy red brake calipers and bespoke spoiler that extends the roofline – and all together contribute to that aggressive and sporty stance.

Interior design

2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI

As with the exterior design, the interior features tons of GTI styling cues, all along with next-gen technologies.

The sporty steering wheel has been transformed into a new multifunctional wheel with touch controls. Also, the three silver spokes have been retained, with a red outline on the lower spoke. The plaid seat design is now being called Scalepaper and features red seams with grey and black plaid with all the decorative seams and edges are in red. Neat!

Furthermore, the digital display starts up as soon as the doors are opened. The entire cluster is comprised of the well-known Digital Cockpit and the Infotainment system suite. There are an 8.25-inch screen and a larger 10-inch Discover Pro monitor available as an optional feature. Regardless of which system is fitted, the visual and functional fusion of internal technologies creates a consistent and pretty impressive digital architecture.

Drivetrain system

2020 Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI

New Golf GTI features a new Vehicle Dynamics Manager control system, which controls the XDS electronic differential lock, the VAQ electronically-controlled, and torque-sensing limited-slip differentials, and also the optional DCC adaptive damping system.

Additionally, the vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection EA888 TSI power unit that generates a total of 242hp and 370Nm of torque. This unit is mated to a standard six-speed gearbox or the optionally available dual-clutch automatic one.

Additionally, vehicle's control arm bearings, springs and bump stops on the front suspension have been completely revised, as well as the damping hydraulics. The rear axle also features a new bearing and spring setup, with reconfigured helper springs and damper bearings. As with the front axle, the rear one also features new damping hydraulics.

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And last, but certainly not least, the progressive variable-rate steering system is now a standard feature in the latest Golf GTI. This system is different from a standard one because of the variable steering rack and the pinion gearings. Also, the system has been further enhanced with a more direct ratio and new software and software algorithms. The variable-ratio on the steering reduces the effort required when maneuvering and parking, but on winding roads the steering is more direct. From lock to lock there are exactly 2.1 turns. Sweet!

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