Venturi Buckeye Bullet - Side, TeamVenturi Jamais Contente also known as Venturi Buckeye Bullet in America has set a new world record in the electric powered rides category. Equipped with an amazingly powerful 800 horsepower electric motor and lithium Ion batteries, the ‘never satisfied' zero-emissions ride has topped an average speed of over 495 km/h over 1 km in both directions and top speed of 515 km/h.

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet was piloted by the US pro-driver Roger Schroer. This record was achieved in partnership with the Ohio State University as part of the "VENTURI GLOBAL CHALLENGES". The new top time joins the record set by Venturi in 2009 - the world speed record for a hydrogen-powered vehicle (FIA World Record, 487 km/hr, Sept. 2009).

Venturi's President, Gildo Pallanca Pastor, shares: "From the Camille Jenatzi "Jamais Contente" to the "Venturi Jamais Contente", it has taken 111 years to go from 100 to 500 km/hr in an electric vehicle. It is thus with enormous satisfaction that Venturi has been able to demonstrate its technological progress in the field of electric propulsion by setting this historic record."

Venturi Buckeye Bullet - Front Angle

Venturi Buckeye Bullet - Side