THE AMBASSADRESS OF THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE At the "Mondial de l'Automobile" (Paris Motor Show) of 2004, Venturi launched a surprising concept for its 20th anniversary : Fetish, the world's 1st electric sports car. This highly innovative move from Venturi caused a major cultural change. Since then, the Venturi Fetish has gone all around the world, changing the image of the electric car and influencing the entire automotive industry, from small craftsmen to large manufacturers.

A real laboratory, it has enabled us to acquire and master the most innovative technologies which we have then used to benefit other models we have designed. The great virtue of the Fetish is thus to have propelled the Venturi brand to the forefront in just a few years, making it a visionary company at the leading edge of technology.

Venturi Fetish (2004) - picture 1 of 3
Venturi Fetish (2004) - picture 2 of 3
Venturi Fetish (2004) - picture 3 of 3

VM300 : A NEW GENERATION OF ELECTRIC MOTORS Presented in April 2008 at the Top Marques Salon in Monaco, Venturi's new VM300 is the most successful electric motor ever designed for this type of application. Offering over 300 hp (+220 kW), this new-generation motor benefits in particular from Venturi's efforts to reduce the weight of its components. As for torque, the 220 Nm of the 2008 version has risen to 380 Nm today (an improvement of 72%).

Weighing only 35 kilos, it in fact means 30% less mass for 22% more power, as compared with our 1st-generation motor, all with outstanding energy efficiency of 92%. To obtain the quintessence of such a motor, a new battery pack of 45 kWh was developed (based on LIV-8 Lithium-Polymer batteries): it will be available as standard equipment from September, 2009.

A RACING-CAR CHASSIS The architecture of the Fetish is comparable to that of a racing-car with an engine ideally placed in a central position and resting on a single-unit carbon fiber chassis. The first chassis specifically designed to integrate a large volume of batteries, the carbon fiber bodywork developed by Venturi constitutes an exceptional protection cell for its occupants; this shell is complemented by two deformable cells positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle. This configuration ensures the integrity of the battery pack in the event of an accident and thus a level of passenger safety never before attained on an electric vehicle. With the same objective, the chassis of the Venturi Fetish has been designed and tested to protect its passengers from electromagnetic emissions from the car batteries.

THE PERFORMANCE OF A SPORTS CAR The motor's 300 hp combined with a controlled weight of 1,125 kilos, road holding derived from the Venturi Atlantic 300 and super-size tyres with a width of 265 at the rear all make the Fetish a car with homogeneous racing characteristics, exemplary road holding and drivability.

Attaining 100 km/hr in less than 4 seconds, the Fetish is a pure acceleration vehicle. Furthermore, the Fetish offers a range of up to 290 km. Thanks to its on-board charger, it can be recharged via a simple electrical socket or the fast charge terminals (see specs).

FETISH DESIGN, BY SACHA LAKIC "The Venturi Fetish is particularly well-named. The key words that best define its style are "sensuality and emotion" though "passion and pleasure" are those that reflect perfectly what one feels behind the wheel. The Fetish has smooth, flowing front wings evoking speed and agility at the front. As for the curves at the rear, they are generous and enveloping, emphasizing the power of the rear-wheel drive.

The bodywork of the Fetish serves as a backdrop for an exclusive single-unit carbon fiber chassis. It has been designed as a race-car chassis, both rigid and protective, but also to store a large volume of last-generation lithium batteries. This unique chassis is an integral part of both the exterior but also the interior style. It is visible with the doors both open and closed. Apart from the motor-battery unit, it is the essential element which endows the Fetish with this incredible driving enjoyment. The Fetish has given Venturi cars the image of a new era, the image of a precise and elegant style.

The Fetish is simply the best electric sports car designed to date. It has a racy style, unique and quite probably timeless."

MASTERY OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS Today, thanks to its experience and its mastery of spearhead technology, Venturi presents the production version of the Fetish, the most advanced and the safest electric car ever produced.

Built entirely of carbon fiber, the Fetish benefits from the best aeronautic technologies available, particularly in terms of wiring to achieve an outstanding car. Thanks to the experience accumulated by Venturi over the mileage covered with preseries vehicles, the performance of the Fetish equates with safety and reliability, essential factors in a car using cutting-edge technology. Despite its extremely high technicity, the design of the Venturi Fetish has focused on driving pleasure and easy use.

COMMERCIAL INFORMATION Benefitting from on-going technological developments to ensure its position as producer of the world's best electric car, the ambition of the Venturi Fetish is not that of being a mass-produced car.

Built by hand and to order in the Principality of Monaco, it is reserved for an exclusive and avant-garde clientele, limited to 25 buyers throughout the world. The price of the Venturi Fetish is 297,000 € + VAT and there is a 4-month construction wait.

With a 2-year guarantee, the Fetish benefits from assistance which allows our technicians to perform remote diagnosis via a simple Wifi or GPRS connection. On request, Venturi offers its customers recharging solutions in renewable energy appropriate for this model.