Toyota Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation entered an agreement to creat a mutually beneficial partnership. Booth brands will be leveraging resources to enhance each other's production and boost technological development. Both Toyota and Mazda will go to the end result of offering even better and more appealing cars, that will meet all the needs of customers all around the world.

There will be also a joint committee, that will set up to elavuate each brand's strengths. It will also encourage broad and meaningful collaboration in numerous fields, that even include environmental friendly and safety technologies.

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In fact, this is not the first collaboration between Toyota and Mazda. Previously both brands included communication about the licensing of Toyota's hybrid technology systems to Mzda and the production of vehicles for Toyota at Mazda's plant in Mexico.

Toyota Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation noticed the  considerable overlap between Mazda's corporate plans of bringing pleasurable driving and Toyota's desire to create better and better vehicles. This agreement between the two well-known brands will go beyond the traditional frame of partnership and will aim for  fresh and incredible values for cars through the wide range of knowledge and professionalism, that both Mazda and Toyota can offer.


Source: Toyota Motor Company; Mazda Motor Corporation