At the Geneva Motor Show smart will be presenting the two BRABUS variants of the new smart fortwo to the public for the first time.

Rated at 72 kW / 98 bhp, the smart fortwo BRABUS and smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive have more than 30 percent more engine power than the BRABUS variant of the predecessor model. At the same time the low consumption and low CO2 emissions demonstrate that this does not have to come at a cost to the environment and customers' wallets.

In addition, the two BRABUS variants boast an extremely low weight to power ratio: at just 7.8 kg/bhp this is 24 percent lower than that of the previous BRABUS variant.

smart fortwo BRABUS: Greater power and sports suspension

The smart fortwo BRABUS places the primary focus on sportiness. Its three-cylinder petrol engine with capacity of one litre delivers 72 kW (98 bhp) and together with maximum torque of 140 Newton metres this lends the 770 kilo two-seater remarkably lively agility. The sprint from zero to 100 km/h takes less than ten seconds and the maximum speed (electronically limited) is 155 km/h.

The exterior of the smart fortwo BRABUS is first and foremost characterised by "Monoblock VI" alloy wheels, wider rear wheel arches, a sports exhaust system and fog lights. Furthermore, it has a firmer suspension setup and is lowered by 15 millimetres.

The interior of the smart fortwo BRABUS is distinguished from that of standard smart fortwo models by a number of BRABUS styling elements, for example for the gear knob, hand-brake handle and pedals. The speedometer, rev counter and clock also bear the BRABUS signature.

The same range of exterior colours is available for the smart fortwo BRABUS as for other smart fortwo models.

Smart fortwo Brabus

smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive: Luxurious equipment

Sportiness combined with a level of luxury that is unusual in this vehicle class – that's the smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive. It does not differ from the BRABUS model in terms of drive and performance but it comes with additional equipment that leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Although it also sports wide "Monoblock VI" alloy wheels, wider rear wheel arches, a sports exhaust system and rear apron, it is nevertheless immediately recognisable as a BRABUS Xclusive. This is first and foremost due to the BRABUS front spoiler, BRABUS side skirts and the tinted clear glass headlights.

The interior of the smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive additionally features heated leather seats embossed with the BRABUS logo. A modified three-spoke leather sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift and BRABUS velour floor mats are also included in the standard spec. The instrument panel and door trim have a leather effect. Head/thorax side airbags, otherwise available as an option, are a standard feature in this model. These special side airbags protect the head and chest areas.

The paintwork of the smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive further underlines the exclusiveness of this model. It is exclusively available in the combinations (tridion safety cell/bodypanels) silver/silver or black/black.

The two BRABUS variants will be launched on the market in the autumn of 2007. The prices will be announced around the middle of the year.