Polestar Volvo C30 Performance Concept Prototype is the first road-legal vehicle project developed completely by the Volvo's championship-winning Swedish Touring Car Team - Polestar Performance.

The prototype vehicle possesses astonishing output value of 400 horsepower and transfers its power to the asphalt via all-wheel-drive system. The innovative project shows what expect when a Championship-winning team of race engineers, experts and designers get free-reign to design and engineer a car rather than developing it to fit very specific race regulations.

Robert Dahlgren, race and development driver at Polestar says…"We love the Volvo C30 - it's a great car with huge potential for development with its low weight and low centre of gravity. It's also a fantastic road car. But now we go much further by combining the road car with cutting edge racing technology."

"It's particularly inspiring to develop this specific C30. This car is built just in the way we want to do it. Polestar has probably spent more time than anyone else in the world to get speed out of the C30, and this time we can realize ideas without being halted by specific race regulations," commented Jan Andersson, technical director at Polestar Racing.

The Polestar Volvo C30 Performance Concept Prototype will make its first public appearance at the Gothenburg Motor Show between 22-25 April.