A SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) such as the X5 also looks well kitted out with such sporty accessories as a front spoiler, rear skirt and two-piece side sills. Unlike the HARTGE "HUNTER", which transforms the X5 into a thoroughbred off-road vehicle, this version from the German-based automaker on a BMW basis bears the unmistakable hallmarks of an individual "road runner". Under the hood, a modified ECU performs absolute miracles, boosting the power of the 3.0d engine from 235 hp (173 kW) to a solid 275 hp (202 kW), while the maximum torque goes up from 520 Nm (lb-ft 384) to almost 600 Nm (lb-ft 443). This power boost lends this 4-wheel-drive vehicle, with its 6-speed automatic gearbox and weighing in at more 2150 kg, outstanding performance figures, allowing it to sprint in 7.4 seconds to a speed of 100 km/h (production vehicle 8.3 sec.) and reach a top speed of 232 km/h. The additional 16 km/h is derived – if only to a minor extent – also from the aerodynamic components and the reduced frontal area. Thanks to a sports spring set with level control system for rear axle, this X5 is namely 30 mm lower.

Complementing the sporty outfit, HARTGE equips this X5 with a set of "Classic 2" light alloy wheels. These 22-inch wheel rims are fitted with 285 Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires at front and rolls on extra-wide 335-size tires of the same type at the back. Simply chic – the set of HARTGE carbon (silver) casings for exterior mirrors. Geared precisely to HARTGE and ideally suited for this X5 is the set of emblems for bonnet and boot lid in addition to a 120 x 19 mm insignia. The rear skirt is flanked by a HARTGE stainless steel tail piece with oval tail pipes left and right.

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Looking through the HARTGE 3-spoke leather steering wheel with its silver carbon inserts, which replaces the BMW 3-spoke standard airbag steering wheel, another eye-catching feature is the 300 km/h speedometer with dial in silver metallic and red needle. It is possible to equip the automatic pedals with a two-piece set of aluminum pedals with a non-slip napped finish. Further interior touches are added by a HARTGE carbon interior trim for dash board, gear knob panelling and front and rear doors in addition to floor mats in black velour for the X5 with 3rd row rear seat. For this seven-seater version of the X5, HARTGE is also offering a load floor mat in black velour with extensible flap to cover rear bumper as an added convenience.

The total price for this fully kitted out version of the X5 is € 57,554 plus VAT. Needless to say, all the HARTGE add-on parts can be retrofitted individually.