The well-known brand, seated above the Hoesbach city limits and near Aschaffenburg, VAETH automobile engine techniques company has taken another challenge, this time with a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, that is indeed an E 500 model. The VAETH team will upgrade the V8 engine, with a special tuning kit, named V50RS. The kit comes with individual engine electronics and fine tune tweaks, VAETH intercooler and VAETH axle back exhaust system. You wonder what the result is? The vehicle is now capable of 830 Nm of torque, that produces 550 hp (404kW) with a maximum speed of 300 km/h (185 mph).  Impressive, isn't it?

The exhaust system, made of stainless steel comes with two oval pipes, each with size of 115x85 mm. Furthermore, the upgrade has and additional option of adding a rear diffuser and sight carbon. The AIRMATIC sports chassis, which is included in the standard pack, helps reducing the time of damping sessions.

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Let's talk about the brakes. In fact, it is a matter of taste if you need the high-performance brake system. The Benz vehicle is geared with 390 mm brake discs on the front axle with a 6-position brake bodies with a heavy-duty brake pads set.  Furthermore, the measure range of the wheels is from 8.5 to 11.0x20 inches. And there are optional rims stars in different colors. Sweet.

And for a finish, the vehicle comes with an especially equipped with a trunk spoiler lip of carbon-fiber material.

And of course, even the most unsatisfied customer can find more accessories like carbon-fiber made  interior, Alcantara headlining , sporty steering wheel, aluminum pedal and numerous more tweaks and gadgets.

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Source: VAETH