2013 McLaren 12C GT3 will compete in this years season and will continue to be raced by all active GT teams who competed in last year. In addition to this, several new teams have now taken delivery of the 2013 model.

Furthermore the specifications of the new McLaren have already been disclosed and show that there will be number of changes, all of which designed to improve drivability, reliability and efficiency, coupled with reduced complexity.

Some of the changes feature a revised aerodynamics package, an upgraded ECU with a revised electrical system and alternative dampers. What is more, the 12C GT3 will also benefit from an updated cooling system which maximizes the performance of the car in the more varied conditions found in global championships.

There are also evident transformations on the bonnet and ducting, which now ensure that the 12C GT3 can run competitively in higher temperatures. Additionally, the revised aerodynamic package will enhance the balance and the tyre management of the vehicle.

2013 McLaren 12C GT3 technical specifications:


  • McLaren carbon fibre MonoCell with aluminium front and rear sub-frames
  • Bespoke lightweight carbon fibre body panels
  • Left hand drive
  • FIA approved safety roll cage


  • Front splitter
  • Rear wing, fully adjustable with gurney
  • Front and rear diffusers


  • Race prepared 3.8L V8 twin turbo McLaren M838T
  • McLaren Electronics ECU interfacing with Bosch ABS and Shiftec transmission control units


  • Six-speed sequential motorsport transmission pneumatically actuated via steering wheel mounted paddles

Electrical System

  • Lightweight motorsport specification wiring and connectors
  • Electronic power management system
  • Membrane type switch panel

Data System

  • McLaren Electronics ‘ATLAS' data system
  • Digital dash display

Front/Rear Suspension

  • Double wishbone adjustable for ride height, camber and toe
  • Four-way adjustable dampers with coil over springs
  • Motorsport axles with single wheel retaining nut
  • Adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Forged aluminium wheels: Front 12" x 18", Rear 13" x 18"


  • Electro-hydraulic power assisted steering
  • Unique McLaren GT steering wheel developed from MP4-24 Formula 1 steering wheel

Fuel System

  • Motorsport ‘bag tank' system with 120L capacity
  • Motorsport ‘quick-fill' system


  • Mobil engine and transmission lubrication

Brake System

  • Akebono monoblock calipers with ventilated discs:
    • Front – 6 piston caliper, 378Ø x 36mm disc
    • Rear – 4 piston caliper, 355Ø x 32mm disc
  • Bosch motorsport ABS

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