McLaren Automotive is getting ready to release the new McLaren Mp4-12C. Besides the strange name it is a successor of the legendary McLaren F1, so the expectations are enormous.

The first and most shocking difference is the engine 3.8 litre 90⁰ V8 with two turbo-chargers - the ‘M838T'. McLaren F1 is powered by naturally aspirated V12 developed by BMW M division delivering 627hp and 651 N/m of torque.

The next difference in McLaren Mp4-12C is left driving position. The old F1 is 3-seater.Thanks to the central driving position, the pedals are perfectly in line with the driver's seat and the steering wheel. Together with the fully visible front fenders, it is very easy to accurately place the car.

Other striking difference is the new SSG dual clutch gearbox. For instance the McLaren F1 has a 6 speed manual.

The only thing that seems reasonable is saving weight in the new McLaren Mp4-12C. Engineers spent a lot of hours making this car lighter. Everything is put on a strong diet – even the engine. That is why they used compact 3.8 litre V8. The main idea is "everything is about the performance", but why the engineers are so worried about the environment, when they create a super sports car.

The engineers tried very hard to bring the ultimate performance and technology to more accessible segment, which don't make sense, because the ultimate sports cars should cost a lot, this is one of the things, besides the performance, which make them special.

Hopefully the new McLaren MP4-12Cwill not disappoint the real hardcore fans of the sports cars. The F1 is a legend and the successor MP4-12C has very difficult task to become one, too.

2011 McLaren MP4-12C

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